Caption It! #25

July 1st, 2005 // 58 Comments

(Image via media martini)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Bedstuy

    Are you kidding me? Is this photoshopped?

  2. bitty boop

    Wow, are you really Bill Cosby?
    (wonder what’s under the afghan on his lap??? Big daddy????)

  3. busybody

    What the hell??!? OMG – This is a crazy ass picture. Did she think she was doing him a favor.

  4. shaneeza

    Everyone in Hollywood thinks they are God’s gift to the world!!!! crazy b*itch:)

  5. laura

    Mimi is emancipated to hook up with the homeless!

  6. Anon

    if the dress pattern don’t kill you, the Levitra ruffie overdose will

  7. imsassymolassy

    Notice he is keeping his bad eye closest to her. Quick thinking.

    She is a wretched beast.

  8. “Hey old man, want a piggy back ride?”

  9. Denise

    Someone must have been dangling food behind the camera to get him to pose with her crackish ass!

  10. Kim

    I’m confused

  11. *Micha*

    Thankful people actually bought her current album, Ms. Carey is never to busy for a photo op with a fan.

    Seriously, I hope this is fake, or she really did lose her mind. He doesn’t even look like he knows who she is, so I doubt it was his idea IF it’s a real photo.

  12. lala

    This better be fake, or this is one heartless bitch that dosn’t even deserve the air she breaths. anyway this picture is going to get around, and hopefully sink her.

  13. HollabackBoy

    She needs to stop signing up for live performances and only doing half of it live. Twice now she’s dubbed the end of We Belong Together. We’ve allowed a lot of crap from this chick but if she’s not going to be a fantastic singer anymore…well…then she’s just a woman posing with homeless men.

  14. C.K. Dexter-Haven

    I have never used Photoshop, but I do think that the light on her is much brighter than that on the man in the wheelchair… no shadows either, so there isnt a photographers bright light on her…
    Looks a tad off to me…

  15. Like Colin Farrell, Danny Glover has taken to Mary-Kate Olsen’s new signature look.

    Sad. I can make a Mary-Kate and Ashley joke all night long.

  16. elaina

    now this made me laugh out loud.

  17. Mariah Carey

    You guys don’t have to be all up in my grill like that! I was trying to do one of my brothas a favor by taking a picture with him so he could sell it on eBay and get some money for more booze and cigarettes. I also had to take a dump and figured that he hadn’t showered in months and no one would notice. So take that to the bank, bitches!

  18. Bibi

    I didn’t know Myriah was guesting on ‘Being Bobby Brown’…

  19. Who?

    Mariah to homeless guy- “We Belong Together”

  20. Maya

    The pictures are not Photoshopped. There is video of her leaving the restaurant and posing here (requires Flash, click on “Flash Preview”):

  21. mia

    I don’t think that this is photoshopped or that she is a cruel woman. I think that this she stopping to pose with a fan. She’s the number one selling female artist in the world, isn’t she? He must know who she is. Just because the guy doesn’t have a huge smile on his face doesn’t mean he doesn’t know who the hell she is. Not everyone smiles in pictures… especially not homeless, disabled man who appears to be blind in one eye.

  22. Mariah: “Sir would you mind zipping me up, while my camera crew takes some pics to make me look like I give a shit about the homeless?”

  23. R

    A nice body in Hollywood?
    Too bad it’s attached to Mariah Carey.

  24. sour_girl

    in the clip she simply walks away from him wihtout even glancing at him. like she just did him a huge favour by posing beside him. she walks out of a fancy restaurant in a probably ridiculously expensive dress and into a limo, and doesnt even give the poor guy a dollar?
    oh wait. my bad, she posed with him… that should ward of the hunger and cold for a few days.

  25. David Aames

    If second-hand smoking doesn’t kill you, being a mean insensitive bitch will.

  26. lala

    “I think that this she stopping to pose with a fan. (HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW HE’S A FAN, HE MAY KNOW HER DOSENT MEAN HE’S A FAN STUPID.) She’s the number one selling female artist in the world, isn’t she? He must know who she is. Just because the guy doesn’t have a huge smile on his face doesn’t mean he doesn’t know who the hell she is.”
    Mia, your stupidity knows no bounds. So what if he knows her, you think he gives a crap about her? The issue isn’t
    “ooh does that homeless man even know who she is?” (duh that should be so obviouse) the real issue is that she is cruel enough to simply walk up to a handicap person who is half blind, pose next to him like he’s some kind of stage prop and walk off with out so much as a thank you or smile or anything.
    really hope this hurt her career BADLY.

  27. yeah, it’s real. the superficial said she stopped by a homeless guy after eating at Koi or something, so everyone would take pictures, and then WALKED OFF WITHOUT GIVIVNG HIM ANY MONEY.

  28. Mandy

    “Whenever I see homeless people, I can’t help but pose with them. I mean, I’d love to sit around and do nothing like that, but not with all the dirt and no money and stuff.”

  29. medeastrawberry345


  30. J ~

    We don’t know he is homeless. What the fuck?

  31. Steve

    Let now remove ANY doubt that Mariah Carey is a nut job…

  32. Daddy

    ^^^^ALL of you r nut jobs. Dont lose sleep over this cos Mariah is the shit right now and aint no stoppin her..^^^^

  33. A Boy and His Dog

    Beauty and the Beast
    …and trust me the beast in this picture is the one in the dress

  34. mia

    lala, I don’t appreciate you calling me stupid… You can disagree with someone, but have some tact. I don’t think the woman just walks up to homeless people and poses beside them in an effort to cheer them up. The man probably wanted to take a picture with her! Is that so far-fetched?

  35. whiteraevyn

    “Mariah begins her now charity campaign, ‘Titties for the Disabled’.”

  36. eden

    You can take the starlet out of the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto out of the starlet.

  37. john

    Why is that man’s cockerspaniel wearing a Woolworth’s

  38. Sean

    The cost of her dress can feed this man for years…

  39. Mink

    The reason she did that photo was to promote her upcoming appearance at Live 8 — to help end starvation in Africa:

  40. strwbryblonde1

    This DAMN picture makes me wanna PUKE! It irks me as much as her “PHOTOSHOOT” in the damn park walking her doggy looking like she just stepped outta a friggen 1950′s movie! BARF! We all know how much of a BITCH she was until she fell outta sight and is now TRYING to make a comeback….HATE HER!

  41. Wiz

    Mariah is just rollin with her homies

  42. thatPuertoRicangirlfromtheBronx


    Please, please, please change your news story fonts. I love your site; it’s how I start my day, however, they hurt the eyes. Knowotimean? Anyway, peace and love. keep doing you and cocktails, too!

  43. Brian

    OK enough with trashing Mariah….Can we get back to something important? Like trashing that travelling freakshow that is Tom Cruise.

  44. Elle

    Actually, in the video she turns to him and gently puts her hand on his head before she walks away. Yes, she didn’t give him money but she didn’t ignore him either. Happy fourth of July!

  45. mary

    for some reasons, i highly suspect that this pic was photoshopped. it looks very fake and unatural. what do u think? the lighting is completely diff.

  46. Lauz

    There’s also some suspicious looking camouflage material on the side of the photo… the ARMY perhaps?!?!?!? *insert dramatic music here*

  47. Oh Lord…not another one of those Hollywood young’uns that thinks taking pictures with us will make people like them. When will they learn?

  48. supertam

    Back to the traveling freak show – that IS Tom Cruise
    Didn’t Katie & Tommy get married today? Do you think they will get His & Hers Lobotomies on their Publicitymoon?

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  50. Ant

    what the fcuk was with that last post?

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