Caption It! #23

June 29th, 2005 // 63 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. superterd

    OH NO! Not Tom Cruise AGAIN!

  2. All Me

    Oprah is now on the “Trim Spa” diet

  3. psst hey george, hey dick – you’re pulling the strings too tight

  4. Brian

    Dammit….I know you wouldn’t let Oprah in but I’M importaint aint I ?

  5. i want condi

    Doin’ the Bush!

  6. AF

    Damn, I thought they were playing the “Chicken Dance”

  7. Prentiss

    Condi Rice is awesome. She is very intelligent, attractive, and she doesn’t act like a slut to gain success unlike lindsay/paris/nicole/ashlee/jessica/britney/madonna blah blah blah. I admire her a lot.

  8. Rob

    Puppet without strings.

  9. *Micha*

    Ms. Rice reacts as Ms. Jolie and rages against poverty.

  10. Erica

    Shake it ….. Shake it like a polaroid picture!

  11. At a recent GOP fundraiser Condi brought the Noize AND the Funk.

  12. Nicole

    Kris-Cross will make ya JUMP, JUMP!

  13. say wha...?1

    To Prentiss: Aside from the hilarity of your compairison – You admire Condi?! Oh please. She’s a Bushie drone with no integrity. Give me Madeline Albright any day. I’d pay to see those two debate.

  14. Kells

    BOOO! hahah, gotcha, Georgie! Where’s Dick I want to scare him too…

  15. Missbehaves

    Hey! I didn’t know Erkel got a sex change!

  16. Miss Priss

    ** Cue Run DMC’s track**
    “Cause ya wanna be down with the KIIIIINGS!!!!”

  17. Mini Me

    Oh no – now she’s dancing like a white person!

  18. kambra rochelle

    “see, i’m down! i’m so down, check this out – “

  19. huh?!?!?!?


  20. realitybasedbob

    HOKEY POKEY!!!!!

    I love the hokey pokey!!!

  21. mediaphyter

    “Eyyyyy Macarena!”

  22. realitybasedbob

    yezzam massa, I done fetched the wadda …is you in needs ofs a belly warmer? yezzam massa

  23. Condoleeza Rice reacts as Hermes refuses to let her, like Oprah Winfrey, shop after hours.

    Off topic: Personally, I admire Condoleeza Rice, too. Madeline Albright, eh, let’s just not go there.

  24. e$


  25. Nick

    “C’mon, man….I suck yo’ dick”


  27. yassy

    “oh Mr. President….you know I gets ticklish there…”

  28. pinkpop

    wait, you want to hear the truth?!

  29. Never again

    Ok all of the slave talk is getting on my nerves. No one talks like that.


    Some comments here are borderline idiotic – Prentiss, Condolezza’s not a entertainment slut cos she doesn’t work for the entertainment industry. But I’m pretty damn sure she’s a Bush slut. So there you are – there’s no way around it.

  31. starlyn

    Okay… don’t get me wrong, I cannot stand Condi Rice — (or anyone in the Bush administration, for that matter) — but I thought this site’s monitors were promising to do a better job on cracking down on racist remarks. Some of the stuff written above is truly disheartening considering this is the 21st Century. Can’t you people voice your opposition without reverting to bashing African-Americans and quoting “Gone With the Wind”? It’s abhorrent and I am truly outraged.

  32. John Coctoston

    “Oh, I’ve got no strings to hold me down…”

    “There ain’t no strings on me…”

  33. Pam

    Go Condi – Go Condi – It’s your birthday…

  34. Jamesy

    *Hey Georgie boy…wanna get your swerve on! Let’s get it crunk!*

  35. Danielle

    As an educated well spoken black woman I am truly digusted by these idiotic and ignorant comments that some of you have made. Can someone please tell me the last time they heard a black person refer to their white counterpart as “massa”? I would love to know.

  36. VB

    Scoop! Condi Rice auditions for part of Bugs Bunny in up coming Broadway production!

  37. Steve

    Uh Oh! I don’t think that was a fart!

  38. Geri

    CR has the same dance moves, like Elaine from Seinfeld.

  39. Bonni

    So this is how you do the Funky Chicken?

  40. If you want to read more about a Socialite who may or may not have a methamphetamine habit, and can rock and roll all night and party every day please check me out at

  41. OMG she’s C-Walking!!!!

  42. Damn, Georgie, how’d you know the Hokey Pokey was my favorite?

  43. anni

    OK!! Back off!! I realize I am nauseating and hideously ugly and could bore the pants off of anyone but please don’t strike me!

  44. Nia

    Nauseating? Hideously ugly? Regardless of her politics, the woman is highly intelligent and a talented pianist. Wow! She has a brain! But you want to concentrate on her looks? I suppose talentless, uneducated and brainless Paris is a better subject? Stop being so shallow!

  45. VB

    She’s not intelligent…just slept with the right people and she has this syndrome – “I just really, really want to be better than white people”

  46. Condi

    Ooopss I think I just crap my pants.

  47. no one you know

    “Gonna hip hop. Hip to the hop. Hippity hop.”

  48. Joan

    Condolezza Rice stumbles on the truth – a new experience for her.

  49. MissNee

    It’s really sad when people admire liars. btw….vaginal cream davis is her cousin…word is miss condi is a dyke

  50. Spaz Cadet

    Shuckin’ and Jivin’ for the neocons and religious right!

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