Caption It! #22

June 28th, 2005 // 37 Comments

Miu has a migraine, so you’ll have to humor yourselves all day with a very white Lindsay Lohan.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. zenobor

    Why Linds, why? You have gone from the hottest young actress to this? At least Hillary has an ass. Why Linds, why?

  2. Prentiss

    I guess the Mystic Tan only lasts a few days…

  3. Maria

    Oh my Gawd! Do I look fat in this? Do I? Do I? I do, don’t I?

  4. Hmmmm, now where did I put my ass?

  5. anni

    I need to pop another ephedra before I steal that kids’ cheetos.

  6. Freckles

    As a fellow “whitey” like Lindsay, may I ask what is so wrong with the color or shade of her skin? Would you say “here’s a very black Seal”? We are all born with our skin color and there’s very little we can do about it Making a joke about someone’s skin color isn’t funny, whether they be white, black or brown. A little respect for your freckly brothers and sisters.

  7. jaime

    White trash!

  8. realitybasebob

    what are you talking about!!…this suit looked great on my mom in ’74 and it looks great on me now! so there…mr blackhell

  9. tiiu

    well shes a redhead-white skin comes with it..duh!

  10. michelle

    I just farted. I hope no one knows it was me.

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  12. Kelly

    some people just dont have a sense of humor, I swear if I read another comment by someone who has taken offense to something that was probably taken the wrong way I’m gonna puke like Lindsay. I happen to be pasty white and freckly in the winter but I think it’s hilarious, dont be so freakin sensitive.

    P.S. where did her freckles go? Bleach???

  13. Gossip Guru

    Lindsay:Where’s my blow? Who the f*ck stole my blow?

  14. Potrerad

    Poor girl can’t win. Its either “Good god Lohan! Lay off the sunless tanner!” or “Hey whitey get some sun.” Damned if you do damned if you don’t. Oh well. I do hope she’s wearing sunblock though…

  15. Gossip Guru

    Maybe my blow is somewhere with my tits and my career!

  16. Holly Golightly

    Linday: That fucking hamburger looks really good…I am so hungry….Oh my god I am going to throw up.

  17. Lisa

    It actually looks like she put some more weight on. I would say she looks pretty good now, better than a month or so ago.

  18. Glitterjar

    Lindsay my dear, you have no ass, no waist,and did you get your bikini at Walmart? You need to contact Anna Wintour for some make over advice and turn you into a bigger freak.

  19. Coco

    I would LOOOOOOOVE to see pictures of some of the commenters who are so quick to point and laugh. C’mon, who’s first? What? Scared of a little constructive criticism?

  20. bellissimo post ;-)

  21. the result of a coke and smoke diet.

  22. Jilly

    The 8 ball diet really works.

  23. snodgrass

    What you see here is not Lindsay Lohan herself, but the skin she shed during a unique snake-like “puberty” that hits only extremely talented triple threats in the western U.S. A white husk of dead tissue is left behind in the exact shape of the starlet, who will usually need 5-7 days in the hospital to recover from the exhaustive unlayering process.

  24. charlene

    Well, the coke may kill her but at least melanoma won’t. Thank god at least one Hollywoodite doesn’t feel the need to wear a tan (fake or not).

  25. milo

    “Hey, is there something on my ass? Can you look? Nothing? You sure? Feels like someone’s trying to stick their head up my ass. Oh, well. ‘Nother round of Margies?”

  26. Marcus Andersson

    There is nothing wrong with being white. It’s normal, it’s natural. Some people prefer to keep their skin white, like myself. You can make fun of her for a lot of reasons, but for being white? Maybe the headache clouded your judgment.

  27. R

    The whole white thing is funny because until recently she looked like an oompa loompa. She looks better like this (albeit too skinny).
    I’m one of the porcelain-skinned crew, and while I get upset about nasty ‘get some sun, ghosty’ Nicole Kidman comments (since she’s lovely that way), making fun of L.Lo is par for the course.

  28. Faye

    i think her hair color is awful.. blonde doesn’t match her skin… it makes her skin looks pale… she looks so much better in red hair…

  29. lala

    bystanders: ahh a ghost!

    seriously though…. she needs to shape up or…else. and “else” is going to be the least of her worries.

  30. Saucy Wench

    Deer in the headlights just before the car crash.

  31. bb

    keep looking and i’ll scratch your eyes out, bitch!

  32. bitty boop

    damn, girl, EAT SOMETHING!!!!!

  33. zenobor

    How much more before she ends up on the WB Network? Just look at Amanda Bynes and her eating disorders…

  34. Juliette

    Hmm…looks like she wants to be just as thin as Nicole Richie (aka coke buddy)

  35. ParisHilton

    Gosh thats what happens when you but cheap spray on tanner…or is the bottle empty…try again…my back i too white

  36. yourmom

    whoever stated that her bathing suit looks like it’s from Wal-Mart probably has no fashion sense whatsoever. It’s Pucci, you idiot.

  37. Jim

    oops I left my ass in my other suit

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