Caption It! #18

June 22nd, 2005 // 22 Comments

(Image via JJB)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. anonymous

    Courtney: Uh, mind if I stand here for a sec bitch? I covered my genitalia and I only took five Vicodin this morning.
    Pam: Of course. With you standing next to me, I actually look good.

  2. akadrenalinegirl

    Pamela needs to stop tanning for a few days.
    Courtney looks great. Sorry, but she’s off the drugs and has the strength not to hide inside feeling sorry for herself so more power to her. Maybe sleeves next time but she’s on the road to recovery and thats the best road there is!

  3. dietrich

    Shrek!!!!!!!!! and Queen tittia

  4. Rob

    They look like they should be standing on a gay pride float…

  5. Paris & Kathy Hilton in 15 years.

  6. CG

    Trimspa: Before and after!

  7. Simon

    You know what, as long as CLove is healthy and sober I don’t care how she looks. As long as she can be there for her daughter, then she is at her best.

    Pam, I have no clue.

  8. Joe Mama

    Caption: Dumb and Dumber, or Gross and Grosser.

  9. Paika

    Oh look, Pam brought her mom!

  10. Trisha

    Drugs are bad…Plastic surgery is worse!

    Seriosly, atleast Courtney looks real. It’s so good to see C Love off the drugs and doing fine. She has a beautiful daughter to take care of and I hope she is able to stay sober this time. She and Francis have had one hell of a life without Kurt. I’m sure there are emotions we’ll never know they are feeling. Go Courtney…get out of town Pam. This woman makes me ill…ewwww. How can anyone think she is hot?

  11. jasmine

    Stars of the new Fox program “Desperate Crackwhores.”

    Courtney and Pam were actually promoting their new perfume “La Femme Stankonya”

    I keep telling everyone you don’t have to be poor to be white trash! I could go on forever…..

  12. Ally

    Trashy Kathy Hilton and her super skank daughter, Paris, pose on the float at the recent Gay Pride Parade….

  13. neeshad patel

    clove is a pig….id eat the peanuts out of pam’s shit…

  14. elsdrick

    She ate Francis Bean!

  15. Beth

    Easy – Beauty and the Beast!

  16. lardass

    Trish-Courtney has had a ton of plastic surgery. Karma is a real bitch sometimes.

  17. Jamesy

    Malibu Barbie meets Seattle Grungie

  18. me and me

    Whoever said black makes you look thinner?

  19. Steve

    Courtney’s not on the road to recovery, she’s on the road to her 100th relapse. When you get off smack you’re suppose to pick up exercise NOT donuts.

  20. brandi

    Teenage Whore(s) No More.

  21. Miss Priss

    Ummm…GROSS. Sorry but if C Love is the picture of “normal” as someone out it earlier, earmark me for death – Ewww. And Pammy….what can you say that hasn’t already been said?? She’s beautiful and one cup size down and she’s been tons better. Poor kid though….as we say here in Texas, “She looks to have been rode hard and put up wet…” Have a great day guys!!

  22. Gossip Guru

    Clove is on methadone, for her heroin addiction. That is why she looks like shrek.She was a mess when she was doing drugs,now she’s a mess and FAT. Someone get her Lindsay Lohans number.

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