Caption It! #133

June 30th, 2006 // 31 Comments

Have a great weekend everyone!

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fiz

    Kate loves publicity but she loves her blow more. So she refuses the pooped out paparazzi a line.

  2. Hannah

    Wow… Her Kung Fu really IS strong.

  3. Helen Sparkles

    That was last night’s one night stand (she just put the camera around his neck to disguise him as a pap).

  4. lucia

    baby i have ben there

  5. yara

    kate: Good finnly asleep that means that the crack powder must have worked

  6. yara

    Kate: Good finally asleep that means that the crack powder must have worked

  7. d. c.

    Hum..? He tragically, visually, and emotionally inspires me..experiencing homicidal ideations, thoughts about fatally harming one’s self, hoow I struggle to be heard and understood, or might be one who willfully ignored others..? yes.. I feel another suicidal poem coming out..

  8. Marley

    Fingerless gloves? Slovenly appearance? Messy hair? Could it be? No, it’s not Pete Doherty, just a useless pap.

  9. Randi

    Wake up! You have to take my picture!

  10. MONZEE


  11. jessica

    in taking a cue from her past love, the desperate pap acts like pete doherty in hopes of gaining kate’s attention. which it looks like he has….

  12. Michelle

    Well, that job’s done. Time to find another one.

  13. mpls

    He looks very tired. The joke will be on him when he wakes up to find me gone.

  14. Thaddeus van Worthingheimer

    Kate Moss finds that the best way to avoid the paparazzi when going to her car is to teargas the area three minutes beforehand.

  15. Does the world really NEED one more photograph of Kate Moss?

  16. Mike

    The paparazzi that waited for Kate Moss to come out of the bathroom…

  17. “Is that Pete Doherty holding that camera??”

  18. Jerrod03

    ” Oh its just the CRACK WHORE , im going back to sleep “

  19. stella_t

    who needs Valium when we have Kate Moss?

  20. roxi618

    SShhhh…he’s such an angel when he sleeps…Let’s not wake him, let’s just get the hell out of here!!!!

  21. shhh

    I hope they’re working freelance or their bosses are gona be v pissed!

  22. dragon

    “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”


    Fool’d you again squares!

  23. bflogurl

    And I’m spent…..

  24. Me

    Another person Pete injected drugs into

  25. jess

    just wanted to let you guys know that you have to EMAIL your captions to even be considered to win

  26. Fran

    Even the paparazzi get sick of Moss.

  27. melissa

    thank god they misssed me in these shoes

  28. stephanie

    yes ladies and gentlemen, kate moss is this interesting when she is sober

  29. Star

    This is what I think Kate is saying “Wake up Pete and tell him to get in the car!” Her bodyguard. “That’s not Pete sweatheart,” Kate “Oh yeah I must be delirious from all the lines I did all night…Oh no I forgot to pick up my daughter from school yesterday.oh well lets stop by the drug dealers house first and then we’ll go pick her up.Yeah,I like to party like a rock star!”

  30. Not Unauthorized Commenter

    Caption: A motionless stoner gathers no Moss.

  31. Deanna

    Bitch is so skinny I didn’t even see her walk by.

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