Caption It! #132

June 23rd, 2006 // 44 Comments


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cameron

    Wow, Paris actually managed to find someone skankier than she is!!!

  2. It was as leading scientists at the center for disease control feared- The Stupid, nicknamed ‘teh dumb’, is highly contagious.

  3. aishab

    DJ: “Throw your hands in the air
    If you’re a whore and you just don’t care
    You plan to screw somebody in here
    And you never put on underwear!”

  4. Randi

    Another unsuspecting clubgoer succumbs to the smell eminating from Paris’ vagina.

  5. Jessie

    I guess Paris dug up Beeltejuice’s sisther :P

  6. 80

    Despite sharing one liver, the conjoined twins still managed to partake in the evenings festivities

  7. muffin

    yo i juss smoked 1 of p’s special home rolled cigs lolzolozlzolzozlllllooolll

  8. MaRuChAcOwSkI

    “No y’all I been to 6 clubs already and I finally found her I’m gonna freak her bony ass all night”

  9. MaRuChAcOwSkI

    “No y’all I been to 6 clubs already and I finally found her I’m gonna freak her bony ass all night”

  10. keeks

    After powdering her nose, Lindsay Lohan challenges Paris to a dance off

  11. bits

    paris’s new bitch does the bijou

  12. Oscar PB

    Mind if I vomit on your back?

  13. dominoe

    Welcome to “All whore’s night!!”

  14. sean

    is that natasha lyonne?

  15. Kiki

    Fug and Fuglier

  16. sidewalkchalk

    HA! i thought i was messed up! i’ve got my tranny-dick in Paris’ ass and she has no clue!

  17. scovy

    Gosh, I have only been to six clubs tonight and your are just starting to look good. Maybe I gotta chance now!

  18. lucy

    I just shat right behind you.

  19. Cait

    The only club Paris can get into now, Club We Tall Did.

  20. anelanaeole

    “I survived Paris Hilton’s new perfume and all I got were 6 hospital bracelets, 13 pints of saline, 3 tetanus shots, and a tour of Paris’ favorite Herpes spots.”

  21. silly girl

    anelanaeole hahahahha!!!!

  22. d. c.

    I mean Really..?!!? She has NO idea Perez is Gay and not related to HER?!!

  23. Draya

    Anelanaeole, now THAT’s a t-shirt I would wear! Hilarious!

  24. Helen Sparkles

    That Paris will stop at nothing to track down someone who makes her look good; not always an easy task for her crack team.

  25. Lauren

    that girl is cory kennedy

  26. scovy

    You are right, that is Cory Kennedy!

  27. mck

    Who is Cory Kennedy?

  28. chrispy

    “Just a few more drinks and I think I can convince her to give my cooter and clit some mad rubz with that bony elbow”

  29. NK

    Paris replaces Nicole with a new sidekick. She was quoted saying “Nicole started telling me that I should not be using drugs, and dress less slutty, and stuff like that…Whatever. My new friend Natasha is so much more fun. She agrees and aproves of me”.

  30. Tasha

    “Paris, always the social standard, certainly knows how to project a certain class while using illicit drugs. Much better than our friend Pete Doherty ,seen here in drag….”

  31. Porche'

    girl: i cant stand the smell of her cheap perfume but atleast i will be on

    paris: whatever, biotch.



  33. Elle

    “Hey Paris…the purple wrist band is for a dance, the blue one is for sexual favors, so i hope you have a camera handy”

  34. michelle

    Yeah I farted…jealous?

  35. sarah

    Paris being charitable and helping out the Make a Wish Foundation by taking a dying girl to a club and making her look like a fabulous whore.

  36. JBONZ


  37. kimberleyjack

    Goodness, why are people talking about paris so much, there is nothing interesting about this picture, just that shes dancing with some girl that looks high, yeah, sure it makes her look bad, bey hey!, at least we dont have to deal with her.

  38. jlgmiami

    “Now that all the guys have taken her for a ride, it’s MY turn for a test drive!”

  39. frklgrl

    hey thats the’s photo whore!!!!Shes all over that website!!!

  40. bridget

    That’s hot.

  41. nycbabyy

    why is that brunette so ugly?
    and why is the cobrasnake fucking her?
    She looks 12, and probably is

  42. Tracy

    hahaha. I went to school with her last year, she occasionally showed up for history with me this year. I knew she was popular, but she stopped talking to us and ditched.. pretty much everything. She’s famous for being famous and she needs a comb, or a shower, or both.

    I guess she’s pretty fabulous in her own way though.

  43. pooop

    who the fuck is natasha??? thats not her, but anyways, cory kennedy is the shit, paris hilton sucks ass. youre all a bunch of fuckers

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