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March 27th, 2007 // 50 Comments


By Jessica Marx

  1. sandy

    “The Freakshows Table”

  2. Jason

    Stinky, Fatty, Drunky and Piggy, 4 of the seven degenerate dwarves out for a night on the town.

  3. busybee

    isn’t it funny when the guy with blue hair is the most normal one there?

  4. Shaster

    Drunk, Drunk, Drunk, GOOSE

  5. Joe

    A slut, a fat pig, a weirdo, and a queen. And that just describes Perez. Paris, Kelly, and Amy were next to him.

  6. Jo Armstrong

    Is that fat lop with the blue hair Perez serious! Bahahahahahaha! What a clown.

  7. Mr. T

    Loser, Freak, Loser, Loser.

  8. cyndi

    it is scary to think they think they are at the “cool” table.

    but i guess some of those meds (they take) might leave them with a somewhat cooling after-affect, but then again i’ve never had an std so what do i know.

  9. Danielle

    Fug. Fugly. Fuglier. Fugliest.


    Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Who’s the fugliest of them all?

  10. “At least herpes isn’t a fashion choice.”

  11. Danielle

    We’re all stars now in the freak show.

    (the dope show parody)

  12. Paris

    Herpes is the new black. Itch it, own it!

  13. homobilis

    Perez: “Guffaw! Hee-haw!”

  14. Es

    Once just an ugly, fat gay man with a popular blog, Perez painfully morphed after sitting down with the Fugly Three from Slutwhorovia. “Ow my balls hurt, Make it stop!” He said at first. But when he realized the photo op with his new Smurfarrific hair and the invisible yet visible blue sinus mask would make excellent publicity, he said “Yay, go me, it’s my birthday, shake ya booty, take my pic.” And his blog gained even more success.

    Now he’s not just gay, he’s Big Gay Smurf!

  15. Mikey

    OMG!! It’s freekin’ Frankenberry with blue hair!!! Go to the link below to see for yourself!

    What a joke!

  16. Jinxy McDeath

    Frankenstein’s Monster forces alcoholic women to sit at his table in order to protect him from villagers with pitchforks chanting “perez must die”. Note how uncomfortable even the drunkest one is.

  17. MKJ

    Shaster totally wins!!!!

    Jason, Kelly isn’t that obese…she just looks like it when you stick her in between Trampy and Twiggy.

  18. Jennyo

    Paris Hilton poses next to newest exhibit at Madame Tussauds simply titled “Ridiculous.” Her next photo op?–a smashed Robbie Williams, on all fours, pretending to be an end table.

  19. Jennyo

    Paris Hilton poses next to the newest exhibit at Madame Tussauds simply titled “Ridiculous.” Her next photo op?–a smashed Robbie Williams, on all fours, pretending to be an end table.

  20. D

    Mount Lush-More

  21. Ryan

    Paris thinks, Where did it all go wrong?

  22. Stacy

    So The Herp, The Hog, The Hound and The Hustler walk into a bar…

  23. Brandon

    Perez Hilton has sandpaper in his Vagina.

  24. Kate

    Paris Hilton, Kelly Osborne and Amy Winehouse pose with Cookie Monster at the Fraggle Rock Reunion Party.

  25. savokia

    What’s with Amy Winehouse? She’s a drunkin slag who I wouldn’t touch to scratch.

  26. Jack Seven

    Whore: Dirty, Fat, Foreign, Fame

  27. kiki

    This isnt a caption – I want to say something snarky – but come on – have u heard Amy Winehouses album – it is fuckin fabulous and i just be nasty…

  28. lookwhaticando

    A walking STD, Two Drunks, and a weirdo. They don’t make celeberitys like they use to .

  29. genevieve83

    Three great arguments for birth control, minus Amy whoever, who I don’t have a clue about…although, hanging with these fungi make me seriously doubt her standards…

  30. Mrs. Fiesty

    Having Actual Talent: Which one of these things is not like the others?

    Psst…it’s Amy

  31. enz

    Bottom-feeding famewhores table for one?

  32. enz

    Bottom-feeding famewhores table for one?

  33. RD

    The Four Horse (Wo)Men of the Apocalypse

  34. erica

    “We’ve all got a dick in our box”

  35. Katie

    My vote goes to the only one that made me laugh (do I get a vote?):

    D said:
    Mount Lush-More

  36. Malarcus

    “Pssssssst, Paris! I said ONE ugly, friend!”

  37. Kate

    Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse…

  38. chloe

    Amy is giving Paris the “eat shit” look!

  39. the_betsy

    Douches, table of 4.

  40. Cheryl

    Why is Amy Winehouse with them?!?! NOOOOOOO!!!

  41. Elsa

    Kelly, I don’t know whose worse, the freak with blue hair or the bitch with one good eye!

  42. maureen

    “They’re creepy and they’re kooky;
    Mysterious and spooky;
    They’re altogether ooky….”

  43. catherine

    when drag queens collide.

  44. catherine

    the four horse faces of the apocalypse

  45. akare

    Suzzyyyyy…. Call the make up artist and tell her she is fired!

  46. ms skanky

    1. A queen and his court.

    2. Frankenlocks and the three bare…naked hos.

    3. Frankenfreak and the three skanks.

  47. Mae

    Strange. Stranger. Strangest. Stranger.

  48. mr

    The gina club

  49. missthang

    Skanky Smurf, Chunky Smurf, Drunky Smurf, and Fairy Smurf.

  50. Lisa

    Three men and a lady

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