Caption It #126 Contest

May 12th, 2006 // 10 Comments

The week is over, and you have another chance to win a polo shirt from our sponsor LeTigre. The person who emails the most clever and/or funny Caption It! response will win a LeTigre polo!

TagcropSo, here’s what you need to do… put on your thinking caps and email your captions to, with the subject line Caption It #126, and we’ll pick our favorite. Only one entry per email address will be considered for contest entry. You have from now until 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) Sunday night (May 14, 2006) to enter. The winner will receive an email notification (along with a request for info on where to send the LeTigre polo prize), and be announced on the website on Monday, May 15, 2006.

As soon as the winner replies, an announcement will be posted on the site. If you are the winner of the LeTigre polo please respond promptly.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Pilaf

    ‘No threesomes until after the show, Rene!’

  2. meanwhile, at the very same time, the beginnings of Big Brother

  3. d.c.

    I like her.. he is icky.. but she is nice.

  4. Jenny

    Choose her, Rene, and your heart will NOT go on!

  5. las

    “I’m dumping you, Rene. I love her MORE!”

    And why are they all orange like carrots?

  6. Brent

    “No no, René, remember we tried that sort of thing in Paris, and your hip broke in three different places…”

  7. anon

    “Watch it, old man. I will NOT do a threesome with some who will get more turned on by you than me!”

  8. Mindy

    No no honey that one is not the real me..

  9. Britt

    I don’t think so Rene! Baby, you’re so hot, she’d melt!

  10. “Now you won’t have to be lonely when i’m on tour anymore, eh!”

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