Caption It! #124 Contest

April 28th, 2006 // 24 Comments

The week is over, and you have another chance to win a polo shirt from our sponsor LeTigre. The person who emails the most clever and/or funny Caption It! response will win a LeTigre polo!

TagcropSo, here’s what you need to do… put on your thinking caps and email your captions to, with the subject line Caption It #124, and we’ll pick our favorite. Only one entry per email address will be considered for contest entry. You have from now until 11:00 PM (Eastern Time) Sunday night (April 30, 2006) to enter. The winner will receive an email notification (along with a request for info on where to send the LeTigre polo prize), and be announced on the website on Monday, May 1, 2006.

As soon as the winner replies, an announcement will be posted on the site. If you are the winner of the LeTigre polo please respond promptly.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. sanny

    You head-mo-latti. . .got mo head, than you got body. . .Put ya wig back on, girl!

  2. Lori

    Guy: DAMN! I though Beyonce was supposed to be Hot, but thats just nasty!

  3. E

    Bitch, I told you to check your weave before we left.

  4. envyme

    Beyonce just landed in Saudi Arabia in search for an Arabian horse for her new weave.

  5. M

    Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Beyonce?

  6. d.c.

    What you mean back off boy.. you aint looking for some unhealthy-pervert inspiration, woman?

  7. Esther

    That’s Beyonce? Whaaat? I thought Beyonce was supposed to be fiine. That bitch needs to cover up.

  8. “Uh-Oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, oh-no-no. That’s the SAME look Katie Holmes has. Tom must be in the vicinity.”

  9. All the freaky people make the beauty of the world!

  10. Ninnie

    Isn’t that guy Touré from Rolling Stone?

  11. the_little_mermaid

    Oh cool it’s Beyoncé..but wait man! I thought Beyoncé was supposed to be black!!

  12. “It’s a new urban-hobo look i’m going for… I call it “crackulosity”.

  13. las

    That guy’s expression says it all!

  14. sally

    DAMN where’d all that hair go?

  15. SadDamnYouAll!

    Damn! She needs to lay off that skin-bleaching cream!

  16. This one should be pretty funny.

    Can’t wait to se the winner.

    Guy: Holy Weave Begone Batman!

    Or how about

    Guy: Dude, your a dude?

    How about this one:
    Guy: WTF (aka Weave The F**k?)

  17. S.

    Good Golly Lord, Put your face back on!

  18. danperducci

    Maybe hair suffers from jet lag, too!

    Bad hair days are nothing to smile about!

    Toure just got airsick and the plane hasn’t even taken off yet!

    This is why entertainers travel with their stylists!

  19. Molly-O

    Beyonce sure is right- “Got me looking so crazy right now”- her hair’s got her lookin’ so crazy. At least she’s all prepped to sing “I’m a Survivor”.

  20. WilhelmR

    *Puts hands together*, Oh lord, help her

  21. NL

    Damn – she looks a pinhead!

  22. ehi

    damn she looks like a clown

  23. ehi

    damn she looks like a clown

  24. kk

    toure: OH HELL TO THE NAW…

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