Caption It! #113 Contest Winner

I must apologize about the day late posting of the winner. Due to server issues yesterday, this didn’t get posted as it should have been.

We have a winner! Congratulations to Julie S. for the winning the Caption It! contest! You win a LeTigre polo!

In a wacky twist of fate Cyndi Lauper are P Diddy are transported back 19 years.  Cyndi discovers the art of subtle makeup and P. designs something he starts describing as a “LP player you wear on you operated by batteries”  claiming it will be the next hip thing, he is currently working on one with his initials one the front with diamonds “blinging”..

Hilarious job on the entries! The main themes that ran throughout the entries were – the homeless, 15 minutes, diaphragms, Bridgette Neilsen, anybody got the time, The Gong Show,

Thanks to everyone for submitting the great entries, and thanks to LeTigre for providing the prize. Look for another Caption It! contest this coming Friday.

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