Caption Hugh Grant

April 27th, 2007 // 28 Comments


By Jessica Marx

  1. Sebastien

    Please tell me that’s photoshopped, because if it isn’t, that’s the most awesome picture in the world!

  2. BARF

    Hilarious, I love the way the red police car looks like its going to swerve onto the footpath. Hugh looks bummed.

  3. hgkdgh

    And with a quick “Bob’s your uncle” Hugh walked away quickly while Edgar pulled his pants back up.

  4. sd

    Is the end near for Hugh Grant?

  5. leilah

    Have another shetty kiss?

  6. Sarah

    “Bloody Hell! I told him to wait until we got home!!”

  7. peachpie

    …and the jaunty Hugh Grant is seemingly unaware that the foul odor following him is not the sewer…

  8. kim

    After the beans comes the inevitable “musical fruit” part.

  9. Sue

    …and with the quickness of a magician, Hugh does the old tablecloth-slight-of-hand and removes Bruce’s drawers and walks away, Bruce is none the wiser.

  10. adam

    “Been there, done that.”

  11. Hugh CRACKS, Throws Beans

  12. Robyn

    He always was a cheeky bastard!

  13. RD

    What an ass!
    Oh, and there’s a guy mooning the camera, as well.

  14. Laila

    Two big asses.

  15. Nina

    Divine Brown…Eye.

  16. snazzygina

    OH my GOD. That is so freakin’ funny. I Love the look on Grant’s face.

  17. HBizzy

    It’s photoshopped, the same pic is on, but there’s no man in it. Lame.

  18. Banky Sinatra

    Yay Kim!

    Well done. HAHAHAHA

  19. neurotj

    Divine Brown Eye

  20. Bill

    Ok children: Where’s the Ass?

  21. Bill

    Ok children: Where’s the Ass?

  22. little edie

    too bad hindsight isn’t 20/20.

  23. Mary

    Hugh could undress anyone.

  24. ERin

    “Do I smell a footballer? Yes, I believe that is it.”

  25. lor

    Poor guy, no wonder he is throwing cans of chili at the annoying mofos.

  26. Linda

    “bloody never have a tupperware full of baked beans when you need it.”

  27. SmileyRose

    “Cracking Stuff”

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