Caption Flava Flav

February 21st, 2007 // 7 Comments


By Jessica Marx

  1. ho ho

    too much uncle kenny last night.

  2. Lisa

    Muh booguhs neva’ know what time it is

  3. MamaB

    Booger Boog!!

  4. frankie

    daggg that stuff Paris gave me was Baby Powder.

  5. rdiggity

    Mr. Potato Head : Flava Flav Version

  6. Michelle

    I smell DEELISHIS Ass somewhere around here….Whew…I thought she would never leave.

  7. shame

    Every time he opens his mouth and steps outside, he degrades the African American populace…….he’s a role model….give me a break!…..can you say STEREOTYPE??

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