Caption Donatella Versace and Iggy Pop

October 19th, 2007 // 25 Comments

(Getty Images)

By Michael Prieve

  1. Matt

    A Pug and an English Bulldog.

  2. Robert

    Separated at death.

  3. conrad

    A before and after gone dreadfully wrong…

  4. toeknee

    Oh, So this is Iggy! I better call Ellen quick before the dog is moved again by the animal rescuers.

    This dog looks almost human. NO wonder Ellen wanted it back for the kids of her employee.

  5. Yummsh

    I’d rather caption ‘Brangelina in 2038′, thanks very much.

  6. toeknee

    So this is how a Brussels Sprout Griffon terrier mix look like!


  7. Me

    I just thought it was a picture of 2 handbags sitting on chairs. Whoops.

  8. A Boston Socialite

    The results of what happens when Miss Piggy and Kermit mate…bow down before them Muppet lovers!

    Random Observation:
    On a totally separate note…my heart is sad that Iggy sold his music to be used in stupid cruise line ads…ugh!

  9. kelly

    Cross these two off the “Yet You Never See Them In The Same Room Together” list.

  10. “How does it feel to be, one of the Beautiful People?”

  11. peachpie

    the spawn of satan — all growed up.

  12. Lodi

    “My jowels are bigger than yours”

  13. Applespice

    So this is what Paris Hilton and Fabio will look like 30 years from now!

  14. jayboy

    Which is which?

  15. No, they’re not pedophiles who have swirled their faces to avoid being identified…

  16. Steve

    Premiering at their latest feature film are the stars of Muppets Do Madagascar.

  17. Christopher

    Gravity always wins.

  18. Susan

    That’s it. I will never, ever tan again.

  19. blah

    One has had too much plastic surgery; the other – not enough, yet both manage to look equally disgusting

  20. Karla Ross

    “You know you want a piece of this.”

  21. jbonz

    “Hi – I’m Iggy and this is Donatella and we’d like to invite you to come on down to “Ig ‘n’ Dons” house of leather!”

  22. Kate

    Clearly, Donatella was born a man.

  23. Wendy

    Why Cloning Is A Very Bad Idea.

  24. mel

    Introducing the two newest flavors of Lifesavers Creamsavers. Think hard.

  25. mel

    Announcement from the American Skin Cancer Foundation: Always wear your suncreen.

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