Caption Cindy Crawford

August 3rd, 2007 // 21 Comments
By Kimberly London

  1. Angela James

    I WISH I looked that hot when I was drunk.

  2. peachpie

    taken after she fell overboard in st. tropez wednesday? … then caption it: model overboard

  3. No caption. I just want that dress.

  4. LoRider

    I think OJ Simpson is stealing my arm. Ride Lo

  5. Maggie May

    I just had my Pap Smear, what a exam it was!!!

  6. blah

    Lindsay makes it look fun when she’s this trashed. Well, at least people are taking my picture again…

  7. Jeanie

    When did Cindy Crawford turn into my mom?? Seriously, Mom, I told you a little makeup goes a long way. At least some lipstick??

  8. devil

    OJ, Doogie, could you step aside so I can reach my drink? I gotta wash down those Flinstones chewable vicodins…

  9. Darth Paul

    “Hand me that razor blade and straw, wouldja…”

    AWESOME dress, too.

  10. cl

    It just goes to show that without makeup, supermodels can look pretty darned scary.

  11. VooDooD

    After being mistaken for a Disco Ball, a drunken Cindy Crawford is lead from the club where she reportedly danced on the table. Several people were temporarily blinded by the dress.

  12. You sure about that?

    Are you sure that’s Cindy Crawford? I saw this picture tagged with some socialite’s name earlier this week….

  13. perez hilton


  14. Yanique

    please some:

    pass me a latte!
    get my masseusse on speed dial!
    mommy wherever you are i could really use some help!

  15. Logan

    …..that bitch! Lindsey sold me some bunk blow!

  16. clumberboy

    Woooooooah, I feel all Britlindsey…that was good stuff!

  17. clumberboy

    Woooooooah, I feel all Britlindsey…that was good stuff!

  18. bjhutch97

    No Cindy, you may NOT have that cannoli!

  19. Zekers

    Hey, maybe that blind item a few months ago was true? It was about a former supermodel with an alcohol/drug problem…she looks pretty wazooed!

  20. carsick

    The Body gets The Blotto.

  21. theoriginalspy

    “Well, this look worked for Kate Moss…”

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