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September 27th, 2007 // 61 Comments


More Carrot Top scariness after the jump.


By Michael Prieve

  1. Blueberry Head

    Why does he hate himself so much? He has Daddy issues, doesn’t he.

  2. Blueberry Head

    Why does he hate himself so much? He has Daddy issues, doesn’t he.

  3. Blueberry Head

    Why does he hate himself so much? He has Daddy issues, doesn’t he.

  4. Heather

    OMFG. I think Carrot Top made a mistake last night and forgot to wash up after his drag session.

  5. Jay

    HAHA, Carrot has been doing site injections in his detls, lol. That is what he did for real, just for those of you that are not in the know. A common practice among bodybuilders to bring up a lagging bodypart. In his case, he wants more shoulder width

  6. nastybugger

    I’m no expert, but I’d say that it was more than just site injections.

    his facial shape has actually changed, like so many who abuse steroids.

  7. sistafeed

    So sexu in a Danny Bonaduce/Ronald McDonald on steroids kinda way.

  8. Alex

    Thundercats Ho!

  9. Petey

    Boy – Strawberry Shortcake is really bulking up. She better cut down on her protein bars!

  10. MON1555

    WTF is this!? I think his shoulder implants have fallen to the side of his arms! How gross! I don’t quite get what effect he is trying to accomplish, other than horrendous!

  11. Mikey Boy


    Oh wait, my bad.

  12. LeslieD

    Ooh la la. The black fingernail polish matches the eyebrows–Permanent make-up or in other words tattoos. They are too dark but that is the least of his worries.

  13. peachpie

    looks like he thinks he’s a pinup girl or something. ew!

  14. I wonder… do the eyebrows match the rug… if it did that would take a lot of crayon!!

  15. Jeanie

    He needs to fire his personal trainer for making his arms look like that. He scares small children. And me.

  16. Chaz

    He’s finally found a way to make us laugh.

  17. megan

    Yeah, people tell me I’m pretty ripped for a chick…

  18. Cara

    If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on baby let me know. :)

  19. Hey Cupcake

    Screw captioning this – just TAKE IT DOWN!!

  20. Michelle

    Um, what the hell is wrong with this guy? He gives me the creeps….

  21. Buckdoc

    You all are just a bunch of haters! Carrot top is the most beautiful woman in all of puppetland!

  22. Holy crap — he has wings! Like a high-end pantyliner!

  23. tommyboy

    Dude do some squats and build up those toothpicks you are walking around on!

  24. Geoff

    I think poor CarrotTop is spending a lot of time and money on “improvements” only to look like a cross between Thundercat’s “Lion-o” and Ronald McDonald.

    Sad, sad, sad…

  25. Mae

    WOW!! He is muscular I don’t remember seing him that big!! Yea…He is a comedian and who knows why he’s wearing eye makeup. Maybe he did’nt have time to clean himself up.. I have’nt seen carrot top in years WOW what a change.

  26. Jose

    Carrot Top // Cathy Griffin = Separated at Birth

  27. ScaryMary

    Baby Jane on steroids…ewww gross!

    Stop the comedy and make horror films.

  28. LOL!

    Doesn’t he look like Lion-O from ThunderCats?

    Thunder. Thunder! THUNDERCATS! Hoooooooooooo!

    *ThunderCats eerie music sound plays in the background*

  29. Namo

    He’ll f*ck all you up…so keep talkin bitches.

  30. Namo

    He’ll f*ck all you up…so keep talkin b*tches.

  31. HelloNNNewman

    Ronald McDonald meets the new ‘Steroid Blizzard’ at McD’s

  32. Deborah

    Dear Godinheaven, does this man not know how truly frightening he looks???

  33. He’s wearing blue nail polish, and his eyebrows appear to be penciled in!

  34. Original Creeper

    Well…. that’s what his parents get for giving him a name like Carrot Top….. do you think he was “touched by Daddy”

  35. ko

    His arm pit cracks look worse than Blow-han’s girl gizmo.

    Dude, Botox those pits ASAP.

  36. Ken

    I’m so glad other people saw the synthol injection points besides me.

    How sad to be this guy.

  37. Jim

    lol……he looks like Lionel from thundercats…

  38. Jim

    lol……he looks like Lionel from thundercats…

  39. Hugh G. Rection

    YUMMY I’d hit it!!!!!!!!

  40. Penny Pingleton

    This is what Dingleberry eating will do to you.

  41. Jerry Kurl

    When his carrotness looks into the camera with his tongue extended to me like this, I melt into a blubbering little girl.

    I hope VH1 will do “FLAVA OF CARROT”

  42. Lol! – you totally stole my posting punk! I was just about to post something about him looking JUST LIKE LIONEL from freaking Thundercats…

    Wow…can’t believe you beat me to it, hahahaha.



  44. LDB

    A few more reps and he’ll look just like Fergie.

  45. Juanita

    Carothead, whats with the makeup, do you think you can’t tell your wearing any?

    Newsflash, the eyebrows are a dead give away.

  46. sa

    the carrot’s gone michael jackson on us.

    maybe his props are just heavy:)

    or maybe he has BECOME HIS ACT – A PROP!!!
    (cue: twilight-zone theme).

  47. Awww, that is mean!

    I love him!

  48. Sass

    Nothing like a freckled red head on steroids…Bleh!!! :(

  49. Stan Lee

    Ronald McDonald SMASH!!!

  50. Shawn

    It’s…………..Stockard Channing!!!!!

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