Oh. No. She. Dinnit. (or) Britney Shaved Her Damn Head

February 17th, 2007 // 73 Comments

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This is Britney Spears. She shaved her head. I’m not feeling it personally. Sinead pulled it off. And Natalie Portman. But she looks like a hayseed at boot camp. But this could be a good thing for her. Picture all of the bad vibes and weaves that hair had entangled in it. All the divorce drama, the child neglect, the vomit, the partying, hanging with Paris Hilton, no panties, sleeping with both men and women, letting K-Fed inside of her. All that negativity. Shaved away. Let’s hope it’s a fresh start. Let’s hope she hunkers down, hires back her assistant and stylist. Goes shopping for some decent outfits. Works on her album. And rediscovers herself. Let’s hope this new streamlined Britney is how she’s going to stop masking the pain, and work through it and come out the other side pretty, and fun, and shiny, and making hot pop tracks the world is waiting for. Or she got drunk as hell and had a complete meltdown and this was the result. If you see cuts on her head, you know that’s what happened. The Manson girls shaved their heads when Charlie and the others got the death penalty. I’m just sayin’.

By Jessica Marx

  1. Amber

    Nothing compares….nothing compares to you!

  2. Margaretta

    Y’all, will my extensions still fit?

  3. hh

    This is so not funny, this is sad. The girl clearly needs help. She is obviously on drugs. Someone needs to get those kids away from her.

  4. Gerry

    Can you say bi-polar/manic depressive?
    Of course you can’t, too many words

  5. Anonymous

    At least the carpet matches the curtains.

  6. Miranda

    Looks like Britney’s AWOL from Bootcamp Rehab.

  7. goa11ie

    Is this for real? If so, wow. I dont want to be mean but she looks like shes now rockin’ the XY chromosome (for those of you who haven’t had science in a while, she looks a tad bit masculine….)

  8. sandie

    She’s giving her hair a brake. Too much coloring, extensions, all that stuff can make anybody crazy. One time I did that too and now my hair is better. She can always wear a wig.

  9. Deb

    She’s channeling Sigourney Weaver from Alien.

  10. Carrie

    I agree with Sandie. I too, once shaved my head to rid myself of all the dried out hair associated with too much coloring. I did leave at least 1/4 of an inch though. She looks ok. It does take guts!

  11. Victoria

    Call me crazy but I like the bald look on Britney…Perhaps she is just shedding her old image and getting rid of her “demons”….(I for one wish her nothing but the best.)

  12. Heather

    Britney Spears starring in G.I. JUNK!

  13. “Let’s hear them bitch about my extensions now.”


  14. I…Uh…What The Hell????

    Hopefully this is a positive (yet drastic) step.

    …the saddest thing here is, her children are still better off than that poor baby born to Anna Nicole…

  15. Cameron

    No freakin’ way!!!!!

  16. jbonz

    Brit is apparently in the process of coming out of the closet. Perhaps once she does she will settle down and become the ugly, obnoxious bulldog with tits she was always meant to be. Kinda like the “Queen of Nice” Rosie O’Donnell.

  17. Salmonella

    And she didn’t have the decency to donate her hair to Locks of Love or something, for shame!

  18. wow… she really needs help…

  19. Salmonella…

    Duh…It was all extentions…All horse hair…not really “donatable”.

    Find something else to be outraged about.

  20. she is clearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown…. why do i keep thinking that she is the next anna nicole…. i wouldnt be at all surprised, if thats the next news we get… sadly.

  21. fella

    Britney will sooooooo regret that by monday morning… :)

    Obviously that girl is on drugs, depressed and in dire need of attention :)

    I LOVE IT !!!

  22. fella

    Britney will sooooooo regret that by monday morning… :)

    Obviously that girl is on drugs, depressed and in dire need of attention :)

    I LOVE IT !!!

  23. pilsbury

    Is this real? or is someone playing silly buggers with us ASL loyal fans??

  24. According to CNN she shaved it herself. Word is she went and told them to shave it, the beautician refused, so she grabbed the clippers and shaved her own head! All the while claiming “she was tired of people touching her”…then left, with her newly bald dome and went straight to a tattoo parlor to get two new tat’s.

    She’s finally jumped the shark….

    Nice white sweater that ties in the back is in order!

  25. kourtni

    Good Lord… what the hell was going thru her pre-shaven head? Someone is having a mid-life crisis at 25.

  26. me

    go to people.com and look at the pics there, OMG her heads all bumpy … ewwwwwwwwwww
    please let this be some sort of new birth for her she needs to start over!

  27. mary

    Psychosis. She is’nt really ‘with us’ anymore. She needs to get institutionalized right now.

  28. Lizz

    This is REALLY alarming. This girl needs help ASAP. Her actions are not those of a person who is in a good place. I’m getting a realllllll bad vibe from her.

    Meanwhile all these gossip blogs are trashing her and making a joke out of it… I don’t think it is going to be to funny when she kills herself or dies of an overdose.

    The other part of this story is that after shaving her head, then getting a tattoo, she checked herself in and then quickly out of Caeders Sanai Hospital.

    Horrible. I don’t think this is even a little funny anymore. If for no other reason, someone needs to intervene for the sake of her children.

  29. LIZZ….hop off that high horse sweetcheeks.

    Those kids probably don’t even know she’s their mommy. Grandma Lynn has those rich babies and they are fine.

    This chick is a nut-job who will either off herself or get committed…either or…at least she won’t make anymore crappy “music”.

  30. Teresa

    It’s an improvement.

  31. Lilly

    Looks bad …..but all the flashing on your site now is driving me mad!!!! I can’t see to read or write!

  32. Sean

    LICE. It’s a four letter word.

  33. Tonysgirl

    If this is actually true…..Britney is one F–ked UP!!! girl who needs intervention.

    And if ALL this is for PR then no one should show any support to her.

    I bet K-FEDS lawyers are having a field day with all this crap Britney is pulling….LoL can BRITNEY Say < << CHILD SUPPORT>>> lol.

    She looks horrible!!!

  34. Tonysgirl

    Can Britney say CHILD SUPPORT…..LOL

  35. Ahahahah… I can’t believe she went this far. She must be really depress

  36. Jinxy McDeath

    I am going out to buy her new perfume, Insanity. Yup, I wanna be just like that~ I hope her family are flying in to take care of the kids, because she’s not sane at the moment.

  37. Melissa



    You are going to have your sons taken away from you by Social Services.
    You are drinking, partying and screwing up way TOO much.
    You are not being a responsible mother to two sons.
    No man is worth the torment you are putting your- self through.
    Your sons must come first, get off all the garbage, drugs, alcohol and be a mother again.
    Before it is too late for you.

    You are in my thoughts.

  38. nashinflash

    well done lauren best write up on brit’s hot new hair cutt. yeah my mom gave me one of those when she was bi polar and didnt feel like getting the knotts out of my hair. go crazies!!!!

  39. Applespice

    This girl is clearly losing it… she’s so depressed. This has all been one big cry for help…

    Anyone else notice how her family just disappeared on her now that she’s losing her fame? (Or gaining it for this kind of stuff).

  40. Gleb

    Oh! I’m so pity, I loved her from 1998

  41. tia

    LOL I havent commented on here in such a long time. Im sure I was not missed. Anyway I dont like this new look on Britney, but hey whatever floats your boat

  42. Melissa

    Yo, this girl is really crazy!!!! She needs help. Where the hell is her family???? Are they not seeing this??? What the hell? And why did she do it?

  43. Are you guys saying shes crazy cause she shaved her hair. The only thing she did that was crazy to me was marry a poor guy gong no where and procreate with him.

  44. leeann

    Kevins lawyer has demanded a hair follicle test, shes thinking no hair no test. The dramatic staging of the event gives her the ability to blame the media and recieve sympathy.She was going to try rehab but couldnt cut it so she shaved it all instead.

  45. jbonz

    Verrry shrewd, Leeann! You might be onto something there. And, as the whole world knows, she has no hair anywhere else on her body…

  46. Chocoholic

    Isn’t everyone forgetting she’s been trailer trash from the beginning? Give a little girl from the Louisiana sticks too much money too fast, and this is what you get. It’s a shame, though. You almost wish she’d wake up and transcend the stereotypes.

  47. f Ed

    LOOKOUT!! She’s joined the Jihad!!!!!!

  48. Tonysgirl

    All her craziness or bi-polar episodes are making her EX K-FED look good in the eyes of the courts and the public eye.

    At this moment she does not need her children, she is not responsible enough.

  49. Sheila

    I am writing to send out good energy to Britney Spears. I like her. She’s a simple, kind hearted person. Ok, so she’s “country” and everything that comes with that. But she is an amazing dancer, a good singer, and an excellent entertainer. Whether or not you agree with her behavior and decisions, please send out good energy to her. Trashing her is not helpful. Let’s send her love and hopefully she’ll find her way out of this hell she’s in.

  50. Loob

    I think she may really have snapped, now.
    This was just a crazy thing to do.
    When you are hoping to retain custody of your babies it’s not too smart to act so rashly and impulsively all the time.
    (I particularly wanted to say rashly.)

    It’s unlikely that she gave it much thought, or that she thinks it’s a beautiful personal style, since she has always gone for girly-girl long hair extensions and feminine (albeit trashy) clothes. She mostly styles herself like a Barbie doll.

    *Yikes* pretty much sums up my feelings.
    And also, what a shame her head isn’t a pretty shape. Because some people, like Persis Khambatta and Natalie Portman, look fantastic bald.

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