Oh. No. She. Dinnit. (or) Britney Shaved Her Damn Head

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This is Britney Spears. She shaved her head. I’m not feeling it personally. Sinead pulled it off. And Natalie Portman. But she looks like a hayseed at boot camp. But this could be a good thing for her. Picture all of the bad vibes and weaves that hair had entangled in it. All the divorce drama, the child neglect, the vomit, the partying, hanging with Paris Hilton, no panties, sleeping with both men and women, letting K-Fed inside of her. All that negativity. Shaved away. Let’s hope it’s a fresh start. Let’s hope she hunkers down, hires back her assistant and stylist. Goes shopping for some decent outfits. Works on her album. And rediscovers herself. Let’s hope this new streamlined Britney is how she’s going to stop masking the pain, and work through it and come out the other side pretty, and fun, and shiny, and making hot pop tracks the world is waiting for. Or she got drunk as hell and had a complete meltdown and this was the result. If you see cuts on her head, you know that’s what happened. The Manson girls shaved their heads when Charlie and the others got the death penalty. I’m just sayin’.