Caption Ann Coulter

April 4th, 2007 // 22 Comments


By Jessica Marx

  1. Candy Apple

    I suddenly need to take a sh*t.

  2. Gone Daddygone

    I think I’m going to buy that toilet paper, eat a large bowl of bran flakes, wash it down with a pot of black coffee and top it all off with some fried cabbage and let the magic happen…

  3. cran

    still not good enough to wipe my ass.

  4. Karen

    Finally, something of hers on paper that has any value

  5. Maple Jenny

    For years she’s had her head up her own @ss, so why not?

  6. chavez

    “Im so shitty i come standard on toiletpaper”

    “wipe your ass with my mouth, its pretty much the same as me talking anyways”

    “im such a potty mouth”

  7. mikeyboy

    Helping make America beautiful. Wiping up all the sh!t the liberals are spewing out. Go ANN!

  8. Elsa

    “For the asshole in your life………”

  9. Bill

    Now availabe in two ply!

  10. Loob

    More effective than Immodium.
    …In fact I think I just became constipated, just from looking at her.

  11. Barbara

    Fittin’ for shittin’.

  12. Wendy

    “I may disagree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it” — Voltaire

  13. JMJ

    “When you too are full of s**t…”

  14. k

    I bet she bunches up and catches in your butt hairs. I’m sure the tp does too.

  15. Kelly Rummelhart

    “Is that egg on my face, uh, ah, nevermind!”

  16. This toilet paper roll is SUCH a FAGGOT! GOD!

  17. baaqar

    When you can’t argue logically against a position you don’t like, make a totally useless and futile gesture…

  18. Shelly

    And for this they had to kill another tree?

  19. Mr. T

    AC is laughing at this. Anyways, they should put Rosie O’Donnell on TP next.

  20. Idiot liberals hate me this much; I’m THAT good.

  21. sassy liberal

    Hmmm, once she eats my shit, let’s see if she’ll die!



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