Captain Jack Sparrow and MeehhhhhhrMaids!

Johnny Depp never breaks character on Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 set.  He’ll even walk around with “old sea shanties” playing on his Ipod.  I can only imagine the amount of pirate inspiration he’s drawing from bad-ass-real-life pirate Keith Richards, whom Depp was seen leaving a London restaurant with yesterday. 

Everyone on set refers to him as “Jack” between takes so they can help him be the best Disney pirate he can be. found out these little nuggets of humor AND some other interesting news.  An insider claims that Jack will fall in love with a pretty mermaid in the fourth installment of the franchise.  A mermaid! 

“Captain Jack will fall foul of these seemingly perfect and seductive mermaids but they are not all they seem.  Auditions are taking place now for sexy girls who can also sing opera.”

Rumor has it that they’re going to cast a big Hollywood actress as the lead mermaid.  Let me brush off my finny-fins.