Can’t James Franco Get An MFA In Peace?

Hot guy/comedian/stoner (dangerous combo) James Franco has a secret literary side! (Even more dangerous!)

The Milk actor, who is currently playing poet Allen Ginsberg in the new movie Howl, enrolled in Columbia’s MFA program (to catch up on sleep) and has been sexing up the campus so much that star-struck ladies clog the halls outside his classes. (No judgments here, girls)

According to Page Six:

“Now that girls have figured out his schedule, every week there’s a
bigger crowd outside his lectures waiting just to see him leave,”
laughs a spy. “It’s getting to be that there are so many people, it’s
While the university won’t comment, the column thinks security may be the next logical step.

Sigh. We saw the best minds of our generation destroyed by madness…and exiled to online classes.

Gallery Info: James Franco passes out in class at Columbia, and on the set of Howl in New York City