Can’t George Michael Afford A Driver? Singer Whams Into Building With Car

Last night, George Michael slammed his Range Rover into shop at about 3:30 a.m. Video tape shows Michael getting out of the car to wait for police.

Now, here’s where I’m confused. They didn’t breathalyze him and didn’t recover any drugs from the vehicle, but it’s thought that the ‘Jitterbug,’ who is an admitted pot enthusiast, was tested back at the station.

He was released on bail until August. This is George’s 7th incident with police involving his driving. Doesn’t he make enough money to hire a driver service or get cabs? You know what he needs? A father figure. (Sorry, couldn’t let that one pass). He’s had his driver’s license revoked before and who knows what they’ll do to him this time. George, like Miley Cyrus, just can’t be tamed.

Check out photos from his 2007 court date involving – you guessed it – wreckless driving, due to ‘tiredness’ and prescription drugs.