Candy vs. Tori: The Battle Rages On

Surely Aaron Spelling himself couldn’t have predicted the dynastic drama that his estate has caused between his wife and daughter. TMZ reports:

The stakes in the Candy Spelling – Tori Spelling war just got a lot higher. The buzz in Beverly Hills real estate offices is that Candy Spelling has unloaded her 56,000 square-foot Holmby Hills mansion for a cool $130 million, and that the new buyer is an Arab prince. The cash flow influx would likely fan the flames in the ever-escalating feud. Several well-connected Beverly Hills realtors and a prominent socialite tell TMZ about the swirl of conversation on Wednesday. The inside word is that, as TMZ first reported and as Candy’s reps denied, Aaron’s widow gave an upscale real estate company a “pocket listing” on the mansion and that her asking price was $150 million. Now, the buzz is that Candy will quietly walk away with a boatload of cash, which will surely irk the soon-to-be cash-poor Tori. Candy Spelling’s rep told TMZ, “It is not true, and she is not selling the house to whoever you have mentioned for the price you have mentioned.”

Again, I’m forced to ask the question…why on Earth doesn’t Tori just get her ass a job–or at least a reality show where she pretends to have one? Seriously, if Paris can do it, ANYONE can.

Written by Lisa Timmons