Candice Swanepoel & Her Bikini Bod Drink A Coke, Continue To Look Like This

Candice For VS
Candice Swanepoel at VS Body Care launch.
Ahh, Candice Swanepoel. Look at you and your perfect body making the rest of the world feel bad about themselves.

The Victoria’s Secret model was spotted in Miami yesterday (May 27) enjoying a day at the beach with her hot boyfriend, Hermann Nicoli, and all their attractive friends. And look at Candice, just sipping away on that Coke. She can’t possibly drink those everyday.

Although, I gotta say, I’d have a whole lot love for her if she always drank regular Coke and never went for diet. I just can’t do Diet Coke. The aftertaste gets me every time. 

So what do you think it’s like for Candice to be in her bikini all the time? I swear, we’ve only seen her wearing clothes once. Oh wait, twice. But the second time she was hanging out on a stripper pole.

Also, her entire ass it hanging out. She looks like that, she shows off her ass and she drinks Coke. Anybody else wanna be her? Launch the gallery to check out all the bikini clad photos!