Candace Cameron Bure And Scott Weinger Reunite On ‘The Neighbors’

Last night’s season finale of The Neighbors featured a special mini-Full House reunion, with Candace Cameron Bure and Scott Weinger playing a couple who move into the gated community in Hidden Hills, New Jersey, inhabited by extraterrestrials.

Fans of the ’90s will remember Bure and Weinger as high school sweethearts, DJ Tanner and Steve Hale, on Full House. Although Bure has maintained a steady stream of television appearances since Full House ended, Weinger’s onscreen appearance is a pleasant surprise to fans.

Weinger has worked almost exclusively behind the camera since Full House ended, building a career as a voice actor (he is the voice of Disney’s Aladdin) and later as a television writer on shows like What I Like About You, 90210, and most recently, The Neighbors.

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