Can Fame Be Bought?

Apparently it can, because it looks like that’s exactly what Nick Lachey, Wilmer Valderrama and a host of other celebrities have recently done. From E! Online:

The motley crew of celebrities, scenesters and sports stars, headed by Nick Lachey and Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s ex-hubby, A.J. Discala, have pooled their resources to become the proud new owners of the Hollywood Fame, the latest team to join the American Basketball Association, an old-school-flavored pro league that operates a couple of notches below the NBA. The Fame’s other brand-name backers include 7th Heaven stud Geoff Stults, Dancing with the Stars runner-up Stacy Keibler, NBA vet John Salley, former baseball star Brady Anderson, NFL quarterback Kyle Boller and NASCAR drivers Brian Vickers and Jimmie Johnson. Per the team’s official Website, Wilmer Valderrama will also be involved in the Fame, though in what capacity is unclear.

I’m already all a-twitter, imagining what song they’ll be jogging onto the court to. I hope there are jazz hands involved…

Written by Lisa Timmons

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