Can Lindsay Lohan Pull Off Playing Elizabeth Taylor?

Lindsay Lohan
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Lets give a lavished round of applause to Ms. Lindsay Lohan! I give her credit for trying to take on the role of the infamous Elizabeth Taylor. Those high heels are difficult shoes to fill, pretty much impossible in fact. However, Lindsay and Elizabeth do share some ironic similarities. Beyond the obvious– relationship problems, struggles with drug addiction and descend into indulgent excess, these two both have one thread in common. I’ll give you a hint, its that thing Simon Cowell keeps trying to find– “The X Factor”.

It’s that characteristic that has an appealingly vague allure. You cant put your finger on exactly what it is, but it is most certainly there. It is powerful and invades minefields that navigate their way to inexplicable global admiration. That is what both Lindsay and Elizabeth possess. Which is why I am confident, Lindsay will shine bright as Elizabeth’s diamonds in this role.

Do you guys think Lindsay has what is takes to take on the role of legend and American icon, Elizabeth Taylor? Check out Lindsay in action below!