Camilla Belle & Joe Jonas Still Dating, It Seems

April 14th, 2009 // 40 Comments

Despite rumors of a possible romantic entanglement with tennis player Fernando Verdasco, Camilla Belle appears to still be dating her musician boyfriend Joe Jonas.

The couple were spotted wearing matching blue baseball caps on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium and looking very much like a couple. A witness claims, “Camilla and Joe even held hands on their way out. There were lots of girls who came up to the boys and they were so nice about it. Taking photos, signing autographs.”

The whole gang took in the game from over the front row over the dugout of the visiting San Francisco Giants and snacked on Dodger dogs and soda. That Camilla is such a sports enthusiast.

Gallery Info: Joe Jonas
and Camilla Belle on Opening Day at Dodger Stadium.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. allie

    she’s ugly. She looks hairy. They DO NOT and I mean DO NOT make a cute couple. She’s just using him to become more famous. It’s obvious, cause first she’s dating well “not” dating Fernando and she’s “not” dating Rob. She has a huge crush on Rob. She claims her and fernando are “just friends” Um if she was “just friends” with him he wouldn’t have his arm around her and she wouldn’t be going to a hotel with him.

    Joe PLEASE open your eyes and just realize that she’s a Strumpet. she’s using you, she got big because of you and she’s dating different guys behind your back.

    I didn’t even know who the hell she was until he started dating her.

  2. jobrolover

    There is a picture of joe and camilla in the photo gallery on the top and it looks like they’re about to kiss. UGH!!! JOE IS TOTALLY MINE NOT HERS!!! actually nobody’s.

  3. harriet

    frist off, joe is not yours and no one owns hims. secondly, you know nothing about them or their relationship hardly. i see your point of her rising stardom since this, but who the hell knows? whatever may or may not be going on, leave it to the people who know them to figure it out.

    but i must say, joe? you dont smile as much anymore? i dont know, some people say you changed? ah well, good luck to them.

  4. casariah

    why should fans be happy for him when she’s just using him? I see it, and I think some more fans see it. seriously why should people be happy for him when he’s dating a strumpet?

  5. #2 jobro fan

    i think we should all be happy for him i mean hello give him a break hes just a typical guy, without the fame and stuff we wouldnt care who he dated!
    i for one think that Camilla is a nice person, if Joe thinks so then she probably is.
    We don’t know them, like hang out with them so we dont know the whole story of whats happening in their relationship.
    she may or may not be using him, we’ll never know that for sure.
    Joe and Camilla (even though it hurts me to say it but) they seem like great couple. they care for and love each other isnt that enough for a relationship to work.
    don#t you think its great to have fans make a bad comment about you just because your dating a guy that they like??
    i mean come on. i would hate that!
    We’ll never know what’ll happen in the future.
    if they break up or stay together then it happens, it happens for a reason whatever reason it may be not the whole world needs to know!!!

  6. Cindi

    ughhhh!!!Is Joe blind? Shes completly using him for fame!!!And he hardley ever smiles ever since he started dating Camilla.

  7. ash

    okay why does everyone hate camilla?? wtf just because she’s dating joe? omg people calm down geez. it’s there life. if they break up or stay together it’s there choice. so saying all these stuff about her isn’t gonna do anything.your just wasting ur breath. i don’t think there is anything wrong with camilla she’s pretty and she’s a GOOD actress! and joe LIKES her geez get ur facts right. it’s there bussiness. i lovee joe. and im a true fan and im not gonna just get jealous just because his dating camilla. in a little way i am jealous cuz he should be with me lol. but im happy for him if his happy. and omg whats this thing about age. lol omg she’s like 2 years or something older than him whats wrong with that? why don’t u all just admit ur jealous. im so tired of all this people saying how bad camilla is gosh u don’t even KNOW HER!!why are u judgeing her?? if u are a true jonas fan you wouldn’t care who they date. joe is HAPPY if he wasn’t he wouldn’t be staying with her!

  8. jonass

    jonas also known as jonass! hahaahhaahahahahhahaha! loser!

  9. sweetgal

    I think they look really cute together she really gorgeous and he’s. well his just head over heels hot. don’t get jealous, because he’s dating someone it’s his life.

  10. sweetgal

    I think they look really cute together she really gorgeous and he’s. well his just head over heels hot. don’t get jealous, because he’s dating someone that’s not you. so what it’s his life.

  11. mallarie

    The truth is brutal, deal with it. Does everyone not see that she’s just using him? She’s seen with rob pattinson and that tennis player. btw there are pictures of that tennis player touching her in places that’s just plain wrong. If he was “Just a friend”. A guy that’s “just a friend” doesn’t put his arm around you when you’re on your way to a hotel. I have a boyfriend and I don’t even let my guy friends do that, putting my arms around me, that’s wrong.He wouldn’t be doing that. Either that or she’s a slut like everyone else said. Joe is blind, and the reason why everyone one is hating on her is cause she just wants to be famous and the best way for her to do that is to date all the high profile celebrities.

    Joe please be smart I really pray that you see that camilla is using you, she’s using you, she’s using Robert AND Fernando

  12. Emily-Rose

    Why does everyone hate Camilla Belle??

    Okay first I read “eww she’s ugly and hairy”…One of course she’s hairy, she’s a girl DUH!! And two, she’s definatly not ugly!!

    Okay so next everyone is calling her a “slut” and that she is “cheating on Joe”…So Rob and this tennis player dude…I don’t even know about these stories but just cause your dating someone does not mean you cannot hang out with other guys!!

    Thirdly people are saying that Joe is “blind for not seeing through her” and that she’s “using him to get more fame”…You people would not know this!! 2 peoples love will fight through the hard times and ignor everthing the unsuportive persons say!!

    The ones that are saying mean and rude stuff about the love birds are not real fans, way too over protective of the boys – They can make discisions for them selves, stop putting words in their mouths!! Or just plain jealous and think they they have a chance with Joe.

    You wouldn’t like everyone saying mean and unsupportive stuff about your boyfriend/girlfriend!! Real fans would understand and honestly wouldn’t care who they were with as long as they’re happy

    So unless you are or have dated Camilla Belle keep your opinions to yourself!!

    That is all…

  13. sheila

    I am one of the few people who is not head over heels in love with Joe. However, I do feel that Camilla is not right for Joe. She just doesn’t seem to care about him as much as she should. Taylor at least seemed to have real feelings for him.

    I think he should be with someone who has no interest in the movie/music business.

    This is just my opinion, which is something everyone is entitled to.

    Oh, and also, I think Camilla needs to do something about those eyebrows…

  14. BB Badger

    At points im like i should be happy for him because he’s happy, but when you look at pictures of him or see the way he’s been acting latley hes just not the same. i never knew him personally, but you can tell hes not acting like himself infront of her… hes trying to impress her. thats not the way a relationship should be. he hardly ever smiles anymore(unless hes looking at Camilla)he looks…dazed… and when she looks at him it looks like shes saying in her head”im sorry honey im just not as into you as your into me”shes like forcing herself to smile kinda,but when he looks at her he looks like hes saying”i am the luckiest guy in the world and i love you so so much…ide do anything for you”. it hurts cause he seems like a realy realy sweet guy and is head-over-heels inlove with her and when you look in her eyes she looks determined and like she will do ANYTHING she has to in order to get what she wants…. stardome. and joe has that. shes just using him.simple as that. i hope he see’s that before its to late…

  15. carrisa

    she’s a gold digging, three timing bitch, who uses famous guys just to get famous herself. She’s only famous cause she’s with different all star guys every day behind their backs.


  16. Gabriellelovesjoseph

    I presonally love them and think they are gorgeous together!
    Joe deserves someone as gorgeous as her!

    they’re awesome!!


  17. raisa

    Personally they’re not cute together. First of all the bitch is just using him and he’s in total denial.

    Dearest Joe please wake up and stop denying that Camilla isn’t a slut cause clearly she is since she was with Fernando and Rob behind your back.

    If ya’ll don’t call that a slut then what do you call it? A girl that’s very very friendly? Yeah if she’s a slut. . .

  18. nicole

    ok, first off Camilla has been famous way longer than Joe Jonas. She’s been around for years and has played in tons of movies! She doesn’t have to date Joe to become famous because she’s ALREADY famous. Ever hear of a huge movie called 10,000 B.C? yeah, she STARS in it! That movie was huge when it came out. Not to mention a lot of other movies she’s been in. I’m not saying she has any business dating him because he’s 19 and she’s 22 but she’s definitely not dating him just to be famous.

  19. nicole

    First off Camilla has been famous way longer than Joe Jonas! She’s played in tons of movies. Ever heard of a huge movie called 10,000 B.C.? Yeah, she STARS in it. That movie was huge when it came out. So she’s definitely not using him just to be famous because she ALREADY IS famous! I’m not saying she has any business dating him because she’s 22 and he’s 19 but she’s not using him for fame.

  20. joejonasgrl97

    eww he still has that gay necklace made that thing

  21. joejonasgrl97

    eww he still has that gay necklace made that thing

  22. watson

    If you google “Camilla Belle uses men” tons of things will pop up. this is from the ‘Insider’ . . .

    Insider: ‘Camilla Belle is a very big flirt and she also knows that being with hot, famous men in public puts the spotlight on her. It doesn’t mean she’s necessarily cheating on Joe or that she fools around..

    ..with lots of guys at once. She wants to be a big movie star and she’s using these men to raise her visibility. But, Joe gets incredibly Jealous. He’s constantly calling and texting her when she goes out without him.’

    Even if Paparazzi is trying to make her look bad. I read Insider everyday, and insider is where you can get the latest news and I believe this 100%. And just because she was famous before, she wasn’t AS famous as she is now. . . like the story said, she uses men. I’m the type of person that would speak her mind. If the truth is brutal, you’re gonna have to deal with it, like it or not.

  23. sam

    i think camilla is way too ugly fo joe i think the reason why joe is dating her is because she looks exactly like him! joe just look she’s cheating on you!!


  24. sam

    i think camilla is way too ugly fo joe i think the reason why joe is dating her is because she looks exactly like him! joe just look she’s cheating on you!!


  25. kiara

    joe jonas are you seriously dating her not to be mean she kinda on the ugly side

    you look so much better with demi lovato you should date her

  26. pheonix

    is this the girl that joe changes for taylor swift???
    yo! joe looks what’s infront of you… and ask your self is that phone call necesary???


  27. Josie

    Camille is a loser , she can’t act , has bushy eyebrows and is using Joe for his fame its so obvious. She’s been seen with soooo many other guys including Robert Pattinson wtf she’s sooo cheating on Joe. Joe deserves a lot more and can do way better than camille. I hope Joe opens his eyes soon and dumps her.



  28. Joanna

    I hate camilla. MORE than ever. it’s getting really annoying to see her with Joe. They’re not cute together at all. She looks really old too. I am really praying to God that Joe she’s that Camilla is nothing but a player and she’s just using him to get more fame. Ever since she started dating him, that’s when everyone knew who she was. Joe OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!

  29. Rachelle Gress

    they r such an ugly couple i didnt even know they were dating i thought they were friends because she looks like a guy when i found out they were dating i thought they were gay but then i found out that camilla belle is a girl she looks like she tried to turn herself into a girl but was a guy is wat i thought but she is a girl

  30. hottie

    camilla belle is just using joe jonas he used to be so funny and now camilla has changed him shes only dating him just because shes like “wow im going to date joe jonas just because everyone wants to date him so i will date him just because so i can get more famous by dating him and no one else can” thats wat camilla is doing

  31. Jaba

    Camilla just admit that you’re a UGLY ASS WHORE that uses guys that are bigger stars than you that you won’t be. One day the public is gonna see your true colors. . . that you are a WHORE!!!!!!!

  32. LaLaLandx

    if he’s happy he’s happy.
    but the fact that she’s out with rob and that tennis guy when joe’s away and the tennis player is getting all touchy and she isn’t stopping him is sort of suspicious.
    I didn’t know who she was before she appeared in joe’s life. She might be using him cos they’re like megastars.
    he HAS changed. I don’t know if it’s because he’s matured or whatever but he nearly never smiles anymore :(
    I miss the smiley joe.

  33. Candy

    I don’t know what Joe sees in her. She’s not even that pretty and she looks like his twin sister. How the heck did he even like her in the 1st place when she was some unpopular actress. I didn’t even know her by name until he started dating her. How did he know who she was. From 1000BC? She didn’t even look all that in there and that movie was boring. I think he could so much better. She seems like a slut and I heard he gave him a nasty look when fans approached him. Wtf? I hate her. I don’t really want him with any1 but he would of been better off with Taylor or even Chelsea Stubs or Demi. They all seem like nice good girls. Camille Camilla how eva u freaken spell it, is changing him and seems like a snob. Hope she’s not cheating on him for his sake. But it would still be cool if they broke up cuz he deserves better. He’s so gorgeous and she looks like a shiny doll. lmao And i hope they really aren’t moving in together. What if she breaks up the band cuz he won’t be close with his brothers as much. Ugh! This girl just wants attention and more fame. She will get rid of him you’ll see. Or maybe he’ll get rid of her. No offense Joe i luv u n all but u duno how 2 keep a girl but its’ understandable. U’ll grow out of it. Hope not with Camilla though. And I know Joe wants 2 keep this private. But that’s impossible with being a celeb. It’s nice 2 have some privacy but u Jo Bros will b famous n loved no matter what. And Joe i heard u ratted out NIley. That’s hypocritical. Being that u want ur relationships a secret :P Still luv u though Joe

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  37. Nish

    That guy jonass dosnt realy deserve her…she s so dam preety….camilla dam that guy n it wld b beter if u dated a guy older than u nt n amature

  38. Nish

    That guy jonass dosnt realy deserve her…she s so dam preety….camilla dam that guy n it wld b beter if u dated a guy older than u nt n amature

  39. coolgirls314

    they are such a cute couple! but at the same time they look like brother & sister.

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