Camilla Alves Withholding Sex For 40 Days After Baby

There was no birthday sex for Camila Alves last night after she and baby daddy Matthew McConaughey went out to celebrate with friends at Beaurivage Restaurant in Malibu.  That’s because the new mom has put herself on a 40 day rest from intense physical activity. 

“Where I come from, we believe in something we call a 40-day break after the baby” says the Brazilian model and mother of two.  “You have to let your body do it’s own thing.  You give it time to recover and let everything settle down. By that I mean no sex, light, healthy food, no trips to the gym.” That makes sense and I feel like Hollywood hippie Matt is down to respect the mommy body.  Plus it will make for a very satisfying Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully it’s not too cold out there because it looks like the proud papa, who recently posted the first picture of Vida on his website, will be spending more time on beach activities than usual.