Camila Alves is Pretty Only by Association

And if Camila Alves objects to this headline, no one would be able to understand her objection anyway.

But really, think about it. Who is Camila Alves and what does she do? Here are her stats.

- She’s dating Matthew McConaughey — after two kids, he should really decide if he wants to put a ring on it.

- Somehow she managed to be part of a winning gene combo and produced Levi and Vida, two super adorable kids. Seriously, could Levi be any cuter shopping at Planet Blue in Malibu?

- She’s a “model” and hangs out with Gisele Bundchen. Now, who are you really looking at leaving the Studio City gym in these pictures? The stumpy girl with the glasses OR the tall blonde in spandex. Really.

Her secret is simple: surround yourself with beautiful people and you might be considered pretty by association.