Camila Alves Is “Mean” And “Horrible” And Lost Her Babies

May 3rd, 2010 // 7 Comments

Jonathan Antin sat down with StyleList to talk about his role in tomorrow night’s makeover episode of The Biggest Loser. He had a lot of inspiring things to say about change and beauty, yada yada, which all went out the window when he started talking about Camila Alves.

Camila hosted Shear Genius, a show Jonathan judged for. Antin was not a fan of the Shear Genius winner, disagreeing with the other judges and possibly the host. “Camila Alves was wrong. Well, actually, she might have agreed with me, but no one can understand a word she says, so I’m really not sure what she thought.” Burn! And that’s not the only thing he has to say.

“Finally! I let it out. I have to let out some steam on that one. I was so nice, so helpful, during the show. She was mean and horrible. Really, I could go on and on. Not nice! Trust me. I was there. You can quote me.”

I’m shocked. How does a laid back bongo playing pot smoker like Mathew McConaughey hang out with a someone who sounds like such a buzzkill? It must have been filmed during that no sex period and she was a little grouchy. Although, she looks pretty grouchy pushing a babyless double stroller on March 11, more than 40 days after Vida‘s January 3rd birth.

What is going on with her? She looks like one of those crazy people walking around with a dirty tin can and calling it their baby. Except her hair is flawless.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Jennifer

    That is so right. I watched the show a couple times, and could only surmise she must be good in bed, cause you couldn’t have a decent conversation with her. She talks like she has marbles in her mouth.

  2. kim

    wow i’m sorry but she’s honestly not even pretty

  3. Camile

    Oh, please. Like Jonathan Antin is so nice as he says… He’s an ass and everybody knows it. I have no idea how her personality is, but let me just say something. Her accent is not her fault. She’s Brazilian, for Goodness’ sake! I wanna see an American hosting a show in Portuguese. You can take these complains to the producers, who cast a Brazilian with a horrible accent to host a show!

  4. camile u r stoopit

    exactly the point; she shouldn’t be hosting an american show. DOY!

  5. kat

    she is no pretty?????
    are u kidding me ? or u are blind..
    this woman is tall , very tall with a nice body and beautiful and exotic face. her color skin is to die forrrrr ..

  6. giselle

    my family is full of thick accents, and this chick’s accent was practically unintelligible. i couldn’t understand her about 90% of the time. maybe i should google her because i also have no understanding as to why she was cast as a host for this show, other than her relationship with matthew.
    i believe antin, because i didn’t like her when i watched, and what i saw was the edited version of her. good luck with her, matthew.. you need it.

  7. armonishop

    my family is full of thick accents, and this chick’s accent was practically unintelligible.

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