Cameron Douglas’ Lawyers Throw Michael Douglas Under The Bus

Michael Douglas admitted that he was no angel as a father, but Cameron Douglas’ lawyers tried to convince a judge this week that his famous family led him to his current addiction and issues with the law. In their arguments the lawyers pointed to his parents’ absence and their unhealthy marriage which shaped a child with no self-worth who lived in his father’s shadow and was driven to drugs.

They requested a house arrest until his sentencing which was denied.The 31-year-old pleaded guilty last month to heroin possession and
conspiracy to distribute drugs after he mailed 215 grams of methamphetamine
in a package addressed to a government informant’s post office box.

As Cameron left the courtroom he smiled at his mother Diandra who was
in the audience and said “I’ve been trying to call you. I love you.”

Here’s the father and son at the Ghost of Girlfriend’s Past in Hollywood on April 27, 2009.