Cameron Diaz Turns On The Paparazzi

August 30th, 2005 // 24 Comments

Oh Lord. When is Cameron Diaz going to realize that this just gives us more opportunities to make fun of her?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jane

    too bad no one gives a fuck about paparazzi, or she could sell her photos the way they sell theirs.
    i’m no fan of hers, but i understand how tired she must be of cameras everywhere she goes.

  2. Mary

    Im a bit confused…I used to always hear great things about Cameron Diaz as being one of the nicest ppl in Hollywood, but now this…

    Does anyone know anything about her? Like has anyone ever actually met her?

  3. Uhm, Yeah

    What a total idiot carrying a camera around.

  4. doofus

    with pants like that, she doesn’t need a camera to give us that opportunity.

    I can sympathize a bit with celebs and the whole paparazzi thing, but for cryingoutloud, they CHOSE a life in the public eye. If you don’t want to be photographed, DON’T BECOME AN ACTOR. I can agree that some photogs get out of hand, but considering the trade-off (free clothes, free jewelry, free food, fantastic sometimes-free vacations, easy-ins to great parties…) I say to these celebs CRY ME A FREAKIN’ RIVER! You get items and opportunities that about 1% of the world population gets, so just DEAL with the cameras.

    to add, it’s Diaz’s type of attitude that makes them want to snap pics even more. If you just stand there and pose for a few minutes, they tend to leave you alone. (not like I speak from PERSONAL experience…this is what I’ve heard other celebrities say on the topic.)

  5. Shannon

    Boo-friggity-hoo! I’d a trade off. Think she’d rather be one the B-list? I think not.

  6. Shannon

    I mean IT’S a trade off. And nice pants.

  7. passer

    hmmm…maybe she’s avoiding pics cuz she knows she has bad skin?

    I know I wouldnt want my pics taken if I had no make up on, and just imagine seeing ur acne face in a magazine to be criticized…maybe if she was dolled up, she’d be more welcoming.

  8. It’s all so “meta”.

  9. jake

    maybe she is auditioning for a Nikon commercial. thats the limit of her acting range, so… New from Nikon the Cam-Cameron.

  10. I don’t get it. What’s the point of taking pics of the paperazzi?

  11. Cynthia

    Looks like she is wearing scrubs.

  12. Simple_Tina

    DOOFUS, you are right!!! they chose the lifestyle, deal with it!!!

  13. SG

    Saw her once at an Incubus concert about 3 yrs ago..Jared’s band was the opening act..Guess she didn’t know where the “VIP” entrance was, cuz she had to go through the entire crowd area (already seated, mind you) and she had the most sour look on her face. She was covering her face with a folder or something, speed walking as if us, the common folk were gonna attack her. Funny thing is, no one even cared that she was there. Very pretentious snob.

  14. SG

    edit: don’t know if it was 3 yrs. but it was around the last year they were together.

  15. Kelly

    I think it’s so stupid when stars take pictures of the paparazzi it’s like they do it to show them how it feels to get their picture taken.. how stupid one camera compared to like 20 hmm I don’t think they are quite getting the point. If I was cameron I’d hire paparazzi paparazzi and pay them to follow and take pictures of the paparazzi

  16. pee pee mcpoop

    In every celebrity interview mag and insider piece I’ve read (which is a lot) Cam is consistently on top of the list of bitchiest celebs. She never gives out autographs and she always seems to bite from the hand that feeds her within the entertainment industry. Personally, I think my big toe has more beauty and talent than she.

  17. Sandie

    That’s funny!
    how do u like that paparazzi?

  18. Lynne

    I don’t understand what the big deal is. She was annoyed with them. Whoopie, non-issue.

  19. bob crane

    you either downplay it or you encourage it. she encourages it.
    what an asshole.

  20. celeb

    If I were a celeb, I’d just pose for a few decent looking pics and the papparazzi will go away (no matter how annoying they are). It’s better that than having them take UGLY pics of you avoiding them and then have them write bad things about you.

    Sometimes celebs can be sooooo dumb.

  21. Giovanna

    She’s ugly and an idiot. NOT THAT NICE. If folks knew what a byotch she was they would never pay to see her movies – really doesn’t give a fu*k about fans just making money off them. trust me, I know.

  22. juicy

    she masturbates

  23. Dan

    This shot is so stupid. I think she wanted them to post these pics. Seriously, get a grip.

  24. dear doofus

    dear doofus:

    i can agree with what you said except for the part when you said only 1% of the world population gets those opportunities…it actually like only 0.001%

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