Cameron Diaz Overreacts

April 27th, 2007 // 3 Comments


Screamed? Were they wearing masks? What’s wrong with her? Jesus, pose for a couple of pics and keep shopping. Nothing should deter you from bargains! Cameron Diaz cut a shopping trip short because paparazzi started taking her pic .

Cameron Diaz shopped till she dropped – dropped everything and ran, that is – when a small army of paparazzi snuck in the back entrance of Lounge, the fashion and lifestyle emporium in SoHo, and swarmed her. “She was enjoying a peaceful day of shopping for some new summer dresses, jewelry and shoes when they surrounded her,” said our spy. “Cameron totally freaked out, screamed and dropped the items she was going to buy and was chased through the store. She was running full speed.”

Maybe she has post-traumatic stress disorder from JT dumping her. Isn’t she used to cameras by now? She’d better check herself. She needs those cameras. What was the last film she was in that was a hit? A voiceover in “Shrek”?

By J. Harvey

  1. Tyle

    It was ‘The Holiday’ and it was a Hit.

  2. mg

    Dude, you’re so rapidly approaching jerk-ville. Whether or not she’s used to it, and whether or not as a famous person, she should expect it, to have your time accounted for and interrupted 24-7, once in a while you lose it. A line has to be drawn somewhere.

  3. frenemy

    What kind of business allows non-shoppers (the paparazzi) inside to harrass paying customers? Especially allowing them to “sneak” in throught the back door?!?! And aren’t the back doors of most stores usually locked and only accessible to the employees? Way to go business owners, you have probably lost a very rich and famous customer!


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