Cameron Diaz Let’s Her Photo Be Taken

July 11th, 2005 // 7 Comments

Oh sweetie, of all times to let the paparazzi photograph you! She was either ultra tired, or a bit tipsy.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. jennifer

    She starting to look really old! How old is she anyway?

  2. Cameron looks a little rough around the edges. You know you’ve partied too much (snorted too much blow) when you can’t even muster enough strength to give the ol’ one finger salute to the stalkerazzi.

  3. AHH!!!! That’s scary!! She looks like she hasn’t slept in three days and got run over by a truck on her way home.

  4. bb

    looks more like she’s been in the sun, combined with redness from her rosacea, and prob some blush/concealer to cover up the previous

    but she does look a bit tired, but who doesnt look like that sometimes

  5. josh

    yes, she does not look good in these photos, but we have our off days too……I’ll much prefer her off days than any of those teeny skiny mini starlets acting like a world class diva biatch for doing nothing.

  6. lala

    either really tiered or tipsy, ooooooorrrrrrrr

  7. jubiejubie

    Not good Cameron, not good

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