Cameron Diaz Is A Gun-Wielding Action Hero

Both Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz have each been getting quite a workout on the set of their action film, Wichita. It seems like every other day, new photos of Tom perched precariously on the hood of a car, or dangling by life and limb on a wire.

But Mr. Cruise isn’t the only one on the set of the film with a license to kill. During these scenes filmed recently in Boston, his co-star Cameron accessorized her yellow sundress with a silver pistol. The Charlie’s Angels actress appeared to be getting in a considerable amount of cardio training, as she ran away from an unseen assailant as the cameras rolled.

Running from attackers burns copious amounts of calories, you know.

Gallery Info: Cameron Diaz on the set of her film, Wichita, in Boston, Massachusetts.