Cameron Diaz Goes Brunette

August 24th, 2006 // 10 Comments

I’m assuming she did this for a movie role. If not, eh. Thoughts?


By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. hayleybopp

    It’s still not gonna help that face.

  2. I think it is a nice change for once in a trillion years. she’s been the same old blonde for how long?
    A movie? Really? I thought she just stuck to being JT’s girlfriend…weird i didn’t know she still planned on having a career of her own!

  3. trix

    she needs some proactiv to preserve her sexy! lol

  4. diavolobella

    I agree with Haleybopp, the hair color is great, but the face is beyond redemption.

  5. crazydelicious

    my thought when i saw this picture was “why is cameron rocking the permanent frown?” my second was, damn, that hair color makes her look hott. third was WTF is her prob? She gets to spank JT. come on!!

  6. burefan10

    She is scanky-lookin’… blond or brunette… esp. so as a brunette.

  7. TeSandell

    I agree, her face needs some real work but that hair is gorgeous!

  8. Hssss…You are all Harsh….or jealous.

  9. ihatecheapchocolate

    Cameron Diaz is beautiful, she is cool, she has got alot done for herself in hollywood! Why are you dissing her for aging…did you ever think maybe her face structure when relaxed just naturally ends up looking like a frown. All these put downs are brutal, I wonder how you would look when you are hounded constantly!
    Anyways U who dis…. U suck….jealous much!

  10. Hans Mertens

    Personally I think Cameron is one of the most attractive and most beautiful women in the world.

    So if by chance you get this email Cameron, one of your biggest fans in Holland would like to invite you to ( I am an artist) and look for an original birthday present for you.

    Happy birthday tomorrow and best regards from Holland,

    Hans Mertens

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