Cameron Diaz Emerges Victorious


Last week, Cameron Diaz won a lawsuit against the National Enquirer for publishing photos and running a story alleging she was having an affair with a married man.

On May, 23, 2005 we published an article in our magazine and on our website entitled “Cameron Caught Cheating.” That article was accompanied by photographs which purported to show Ms. Diaz, who at the time was dating Justin Timberlake, kissing Shane Nickerson, a married man. We have subsequently been informed, and accept that, the relevant incident involved nothing more than Ms. Diaz giving a friend a good bye hug and accept that there is no question of a romantic relationship between Ms. Diaz and Mr. Nickerson. We are happy to set the record straight and apologize to Ms. Diaz and to Mr. Nickerson and his family for any distress caused.

So her situation seems to be improving. In an EXCLUSIVE, I spoke with a friend of the producer guy in question, Shane Nickerson, who assures me that Nickerson is a happily married guy with a daughter and was merely working on a project with Diaz. In fact, our source tells me that “they were all (including Cameron and JT at the time) laughing about the idea of the whole thing.” HAH! That’s an exclusive, folks. Nickerson was a producer who worked on MTV’s “Newlyweds” and was also the producer of “Trippin'”. But how do ya like that? ASL with an exclusive unnamed source! And fasten your damn seatbelts, we hope to have more in the future! Like Cameron’s hair salon shampoo girl! And Britney’s garbageman. And maybe the usher who cleaned up the popcorn and Valtrex bottles after Paris left the movie theatre! *sigh* Slow news day. I probably shouldn’t be applauding when a fellow gossip rag gets shot down, but f*ck it. She got dumped by her boyfriend and takes a lot of crap for her skin. Us Pro-Activ users gotta stick together.