Cameron Diaz Apologizes to Peru

An attempt at an ironic, hipster fashion statement has left Cameron Diaz in a pickle with Peru after a visit to the Incan city of Machu Picchu. When Diaz was visiting the Peruvian Andes, she brought along with her an olive green bag with a red star on it. The famous political catchphrase, “Serve the People,” was also printed on the bag in Chinese and it’s this bag that is the cause of all the controversy. Diaz didn’t realize that her accessory would evoke painful memories of the Maoist Shining Path insurgency from 80s and 90s and has apologized for the snafu.

“I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have inadvertently offended. The bag was a purchase I made as a tourist in China and I did not realize the potentially hurtful nature of the slogan printed on it,” Diaz said in a statement e-mailed to The Associated Press.

The whole reason for the actress’ sojourn in Peru, is because she’s currently taking part in a TV show celebrating Peruvian culture. Now, I know that I’m usually very anti-Cameron Diaz, what with her, “don’t hate me because I’m beautiful” BS, but her mistake sounds exactly like a bonehead move that I could easily see myself making as well. But then again, that’s why I have a policy of not getting tattoos or items of clothing with slogans in languages I can’t myself speak or read. Because you never know when a translator’s gonna have a sense of humor.

More photos of Cameron Diaz in Peru are after the jump.

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