Cameron Diaz and Kelly Slater Hook Up in Hawaii

Are Cameron Diaz and Kelly Slater just surfing buddies, or is there more to the story? Straight from the Golden Globes, Cameron Diaz headed to Hawaii for some surfing. According to People, legendary surfer Kelly Slater cleared his schedule to meet up with Diaz.

They shared a sunset dinner Wednesday night at the renowned Haleiwa Joe’s, sources said, and also stocked up on provisions at a local grocery store Friday night. “She was with him. They were just shopping,” said a witness.

And, of course, they spent plenty of time outdoors, playing a round of golf at the Turtle Bay Resort, according to a source, and hitting the beach. “Someone saw Kelly with a really hot girl in his car and we looked and it was her,” said one observer. Added another, “They were just cruising around.”

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