Cameron Diaz and Jude Law Say They’re Just Friends


Friends with benefits! Actually, that’s not what they said at all. But still, I’ve planted the seed in your minds! Now, let the gossip grow! According to Jude Law, any stories that he and his “The Holiday” co-star are romantically involved are a load of poppycock. Well, he didn’t use the phrase “poppycock,” but since he’s British, I’d like to think that he might as well have. According to his rep:

He hasn’t seen her for months. They’re friends but that’s it.”

Yeah, after all that Criss Angel estranged wife nonsense, Cammie really needs to avoid dudes with excessive baggage. Oh, what do I care? We could stand to use a train wreck around here. Things have been much too quiet lately. Somebody needs to sleep with the nanny/have a good public screaming match and liven things up.