Cameron Diaz and Jude Law Say They’re Just Friends

August 6th, 2007 // 11 Comments


Friends with benefits! Actually, that’s not what they said at all. But still, I’ve planted the seed in your minds! Now, let the gossip grow! According to Jude Law, any stories that he and his “The Holiday” co-star are romantically involved are a load of poppycock. Well, he didn’t use the phrase “poppycock,” but since he’s British, I’d like to think that he might as well have. According to his rep:

He hasn’t seen her for months. They’re friends but that’s it.”

Yeah, after all that Criss Angel estranged wife nonsense, Cammie really needs to avoid dudes with excessive baggage. Oh, what do I care? We could stand to use a train wreck around here. Things have been much too quiet lately. Somebody needs to sleep with the nanny/have a good public screaming match and liven things up.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. green cardigan

    Cameron Diaz and Jude Shag-A-Nanny Law? Hmmmmm, interesting. He’d bring the sexy back alright.

  2. Logan

    Cameron’s face is starting to look like the Travelocity gnome’s face.

  3. Jude and Cameron…hmmm, interesting.

    I imagine the caliber of that conversation there can only be rivaled by a Mensa meeting!

  4. oh my…these two together makes me laugh! i’m sorry.

    Can you imagine that convo???

    Cameron: Oh muh gawd, you’re like SOO hot!
    Jude: No luv, you are hot.
    Cameron: No way, you’re way hotter!
    Jude: I’m hot, ya, but you’re hotter.
    Cameron: Dude! You are totally…hey, um, can we get a pizza??

  5. green cardigan

    Clarisse – I reckon they basically wouldn’t know what the other was saying .

    Cam : You’re like so hot, you’re like smoking.

    Jude: no luv, gave up the fags two years ago. You’re a fit lookin’ bird yourself.

    Cam: Oh, I like birds too, they’re soooooo cute.My ex is a douche by the way.

    Jude: Don’t speak much French myself luv, fancy a pint?

    Cam: Oh you’re accent is so cute. Did I tell you that you were the hotness

    etc etc

  6. T-Bone

    A coworker of mine thinks she looks like an old shoe.

  7. green cardigan

    well you know what they say!

    for every oul sock, there is an oul’ shoe!

  8. T-Bone

    I kind of like the fact that she doesn’t care. Sometimes she looks good, other times….well…an old shoe! I can relate ;)

  9. Green Cardigan! PRICELESS!!!

    I imagine a few “Bob’s your uncle”, “Mutt’s nuts” and “Banger” would keep everyone on their toes!

  10. Mona

    Green Cardigan – very,very good.

    While I have nothing against her as an actress, I think that some folks in the media, and her agent, have really overrated her. I know, it’s the way to get the cash. But, let’s face it – she’s not all that cute. And, she doesn’t have to be nor should she have to be. But, if you are going to be sexy, there should be SOMETHING about you that can be sensed in that way.

    Now, Jude – an average, pasty English bloke. But, a decent actor.

  11. dat_dOod

    I’m really trying not to come off racist here but ..WTF do white people find so attractive about Cameron Diaz????!! She looks like the friggin Joker, has acne, and her face always looks like it’s melting when she smiles. Someone please fill me in here.

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