Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher Break Bread

August 28th, 2007 // 12 Comments

Yeah, we know this was a little while back, but we just can’t get over how many male companions (even if they’re just friends or whatever) Cameron Diaz has these days. Why? Because we have nothing better to do. Cammie and Ashton are currently working together on the set of their “What Happens in Vegas” movie and decided to take a break from their shooting schedule to catch dinner together at La Goulue. Now, before you start getting any ideas, there were three other male companions present, but Demi Moore wasn’t able to make the dinner. According to a source quoted by the New York Post:

“The group was seated discreetly in the back, and they had a 400 dollar bottle of Mouton Rothschild 9.”

But it looks like this is old news anyways, since Cameron changes her male companionship more often than…well, I do. Because you may or may not know this, but I’m very easy. VERY easy.


More photos of Cameron Diaz, Ashton Kutcher and Lake Bell on the film set of ‘What Happens in Vegas’ during a walk-through after the jump.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Nanc'

    Lord, love a duck! That is an unflattering photo of her! I think I could be good friends with Cammie (but not as good a friend as I could be with Gwen Stefani and/or Sandra Bullock) but if Cam is going to continue to be in the public eye, she really needs to get her look together.
    Listen Cameron, I’m years older than you and I look YOUNGER.
    Time to visit Dr. Botox and a Dermatologist.

  2. Hey Cupcake

    Whoa. She used to be very cute in her young modeling days. Now, she looks increasingly like a bloated jack o’ lantern. Ugh.

  3. pssst

    I remember John Mayer used to sleep with Lake Bell. They totally dated a year or two ago. I swear.
    I wonder if Cam Cam knows that. Oh, well.
    What happened to her face? She truly looks awful. She isnt aging well AT ALL. And I’m not being harsh. She used to be a stunner.

  4. JoPimpino

    Time to visit Dr. Botox and a Dermatologist.

    The hell it is. Its all that stupid crap that has people sold that people don’t age. Use sunscreen, break out the Bag Balm, eat decently and take all the g’damned fakery and get over yourself.

  5. Nanc'

    Yes, people DO age mostly from NOT eating well, smoking, lack of exercise, too much sun and booze. IF you’ve already gone down that road, then “Dr. Botox and a Dermatologist” can certainly help.
    As foryour comment: “and take all the g’damned fakery”….WTF is that even supposed to mean?
    Meanwhile, call the doc you have (or should have) and have him/her up your meds and you might want to call Miss Teen SC (that’s, SOUTH CAROLINA) and have her give you lessons in eloquence and elocution – look ‘em up.

  6. sandy

    Botox is from botulism poison and I can’t believe people put it anywhere near their brains. Maybe they don’t have any, that’s why they use it. I am older than all of you and I don’t carve up/inject my face. If you’re not skinny, you still look good. It’s the skinnies that look old.

    Cam needs to lighten her brows and put some makeup on. She looks too manly without it.

  7. Nanc'

    Ha,ha,ha! God, you people make me laugh and I SO appreciate it!

    People who have issues with Botox are the same people who don’t believe in inoculations.

    I’ve been shot-up with every g.d. vaccine known to man including Anthrax, Smallpox, Polio, Meningococcal, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, ect. just to mention a FEW.

    A tiny bit of Botox in my face? Ha! That’s nothin’ and I’ve had several injections with NO side-effects except that I look younger, and less stressed. Do your research.

  8. Nanc'

    …Diphtheria, Cholera, Rubella, Hepatitis….these are the vaccines that keep some of us able to help those of you who “don’t believe” in vaccines. Thank God.
    Botox is just another “shot” that has been substantially tested and approved.

  9. Sarah

    It would be so funny if they hooked up! They be the new brad and Angelina, seeing that Ashton’s married to demi moore, and everyone knows Cameron is a bit of a man eater!

  10. Um, I don’t think getting older makes your mouth wide enough for a truck to drive through it. She’s naturally homely.

  11. T-Bone

    She simply looks like someone who has aged a bit — NATURALLY. BIG DEAL!

  12. Craptastic

    ROTFLMAO!! GOOD GAWD,She has got to be one of the ugliest chicks out there in hollywood right now. Geezus. Her face looks like silly putty. *barfs*

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