Cameron Diaz Buys Some Shoes, Enjoys Dog

March 20th, 2008 // 4 Comments

Here’s Cameron Diaz trying on some shoes at Barney’s New York In Beverly Hills. It’s just your average, everyday shoe shopping trip. Except this ain’t Payless and Cameron can afford the entire store.

Cameron reportedly seemed relaxed until she noticed the paps were snapping her. She then turned her back so no one would know whether she had bad taste or not.

An eyewitness reports that she was shopping in Barney’s and Cameron was “slobbering” over the eyewitnesses’ dog. The woman reports that when she left with the dog, the paparazzi were all over the pooch, too. Well, think about it. It’s a mystical experience. It’s like the fountain at Lourdes. Cameron Diaz petted your dog. It’s like the dog was touched by the hand of Jesus, except Jesus doesn’t smell like weed.


More photos of Cameron Diaz trying on some shoes are after the jump.

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By J. Harvey

  1. Queen Caffeine

    “…except Jesus doesn’t smell like weed.”

    truer words were never written

  2. shoes

    I like that weird purple blog of a high heel in the foreground.

  3. sissy

    She’s so beautiful. But is she lonely? I seem to see her profile on a celebrity dating site (MillMatch… She has a great profile with attractive photos there. What is she looking for there? Date, love, or friends…? omg, can’t believe it.

  4. hemp

    actually, he smelled like hemp.

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