Cameron Diaz Strolls Through NYC Looking for Good Moisturizer

Yay! Cammie got a message on her phone that made her smile. The actress was enjoying a walk through Lower Manhattan with some girlfriends and I’m liking the outfit–the tight jeans and the boots–but Cameron’s looking old, y’all. That skin of hers just isn’t standing the test of time. But whatever, here I am with good skin and a mere pittance in my bank account, so I’ll try to schedule in some time tomorrow to actually feel bad for the woman. I love that she and her friends are looking all “Sex and the City,” complete with the friend with the curly hair, who I’m going to pretend is the Carrie of the bunch because I like to believe that hair texture plays an important part in our personality make-up. I hope Criss Angel comes up at least during their girl talk.


More photos of Cameron Diaz on the streets of NYC with some friends after the jump.

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