Cameron Diaz Has Legs

August 16th, 2007 // 7 Comments

And she knows how to use them. In this series of pictures, Cameron is leaving her trailer on the set of “What Happens in Vegas” and I have to say, Cammie’s gams look good in her short-shorts, per usual. The paparazzi obviously caught our girl in a buoyant mood because she’s not trying to cut bitches with cameras. Although, to her credit, she’s been awfully nice to photographers lately leading to me to believe that maybe a single Cammie is a happy Cammie. Whatever she’s doing, she needs to keep on doing it, cause it’s good for business.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. iren33

    I see not only the legs but the nipples too!!

  2. slurred speech

    And those feet! She’s got huge feet. HUGE, I say.

  3. isaidit

    Has anyone else noticed how she is ALWAYS smiling when the paps are around? Quite that difference than when she was with j.

  4. jesse d

    Yeah, her PR people were like STOP BEING SUCH A BITCH!! That shit was ok when you HAD a man, but now – BEHAVE lol

  5. Clearly she’s proof that “living well is the best revenge”.

  6. damn!

    i would never get plastic surgery…
    but that is b/c they don’t have plastic surgery to get long, fabulous legs like cameron’s. i hate you, you long-legged bitch. lol :)

  7. She does have great legs. Funny that I used a similar title about Hilary today and I just saw this. What a coincidence eh?

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