Cameron Diaz Leaving Sunny Los Angeles

April 4th, 2008 // 13 Comments

Cameron Diaz can kiss goodbye moments by the pool like these captured in a photo shoot for British GQ because the paparazzi-shy actress has decided to high-tail it to New York. She claims that Hollywood has become to glutted with with those seeking fame and fortune in show business. “You get treated the same as everyone else in New York. Here [in Los Angeles] people have come to either become rich and famous or be near someone who’s rich and famous. It’s really sad.”

So, clearly, she’s sick of the rest of us schmucks and I don’t know that I blame her. We’re money-hungry gossip mongers with little or no sense of shame or common decency. But we’re keeping the good weather, lady! Ha! In your face. Oh wait, doesn’t she have a house in Hawaii? Dammit. There went my plan to spite her.

Enjoy these pictures of her muscular body in a bathing suit as she poses for GQ magazine. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any body fat, so don’t bother looking for it.

More photos from Cameron Diaz’s UK GQ photo shoot are after the jump.

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. jbonz

    Whereas Cameron came out here to pick strawberries, and was forced against her will into Showbiz to create deathless works of art like the voice characterization for Fiona on “Shrek”.

  2. sallybelle

    Wow…talk about airbrushed.

  3. fbf

    Cameron Diaz is so sexy!!! Once I found her sexy photos on a millionaire dating site called meetingwealthy dot com. It is said she is dating freinds there.

  4. Cal

    I can quite understand her obsession with body fat. With that unfortunate face, Joker lips, red tennis-ball cheeks and potato nose, she can’t afford to have body fat too.

  5. LeslieD

    Major airbrushing. I have seen plenty of surfing photos of her with cellulite. This unrealistic photo shoot will send anorexics and bulimics over the edge. Nice job.

  6. Snow Pie

    So says one of the “popular ones”.

    I know. I like totally agree. We fascist elites should rule the world. Who are they to claim to be our equals. The nerve!

    I totally dig the female version of the “top of the world” spread that Guliani did for EMPIRE magazine. That was clever role reversal. Cameron pulled it off brilliantly.

    I’m also like totally wondering if the mainstream media is going to pull off this civil war they are trying to egg on. Because if that happens then martial law can be declared and those who want fame and fortune like the popular ones or who know someone famous would be put down and impoverished and even whacked. Then we empiricists would totally continue to rule over these pions, peasants and paupers. That would suck for all of them, but it would totally be great for us popular ones. We rule no matter what.

    A Rodney King type thing is all we need. Then we bring in Blackwater and keep all these wannabes from fame and fortune.

    We let the Zodiac killer go. That was fun. Our mouthpiece news outlets made a killing financially and we toyed with and terrorized the masses. That kept our crimes out of the limelight. We only like our charity work to be in the limelight. We don’t like to give back the money we steal. The Zodiac killer was a good soldier, a real fine tool. He’s like the James Earl Grey of the 70′s. Now we have Bin Laden to replace those geezers. But who cares? when Bin croaks from kidney failure, we’ll find us another rabbit. Silly rabbits. When terrorism fails, we always have a way to start a civil war.

    We will keep the money at all costs. That’s for sure. Because we rule. We’re the best. We are chosen ones and elitists – united we stand. We’re Silverstein and Facist Elites, in it for profit, totally dominating and we have to be because we don’t know how to do an honest days work, we have no real talent to speak of.

    Shhhh, we’re hunting wabbits. Be bery bery quite.

  7. Cloud

    She is cute and sexy. She is also my favorite. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “”yesterday. It is said she is dating a young billionaire on that site now.

  8. Truth P.I.

    As a young girl I would put on a theatrical performances for my family. I’d direct my siblings. I prepared costumes. I made the set by hand. I wrote scripts. I held rehearsals. It was all worth it to make my parents laugh. I did it to relieve the tension they had of raising children, holding jobs, doing housework and putting up with us picking on each others. It was partly to make amends. Well, maybe mostly. I provided comic relief.

    Since Cameron and her special friends are supposed to be the only actors in this world and the only people who should know actors, then we must stop all children from acting and put a stop to school plays immediately. We don’t want to upset the real talent.

    Furthermore, all acting should have been prohibited after Marilyn Monroe and Marlon Brando’s passing. No one else is worthy. So all actors presently employed should look for other work if they respect the work done by the legendary actors just noted.

    Chew on that.

  9. Deus


    take the “a” out of a theatrical performances and,

    take the “s” out of each others.

    My transcriber is out of this world, but today he’s asleep.

  10. Marilyn's Ghost

    There’s not an ounce of fat on her body, because it’s all in her head.

  11. Suez

    Yeah, there are no rich actors in New York….PUHleeease. I am sure that she is moving to a very “real” neighborhood too. Bet you anything she moves to Brooklyn as people like her have ruined it for the normal folks.

  12. Perhaps Cameron would like my new song “Central Coast”…. check it out at

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