Cameron Diaz Leaving Sunny Los Angeles

Cameron Diaz can kiss goodbye moments by the pool like these captured in a photo shoot for British GQ because the paparazzi-shy actress has decided to high-tail it to New York. She claims that Hollywood has become to glutted with with those seeking fame and fortune in show business. “You get treated the same as everyone else in New York. Here [in Los Angeles] people have come to either become rich and famous or be near someone who’s rich and famous. It’s really sad.”

So, clearly, she’s sick of the rest of us schmucks and I don’t know that I blame her. We’re money-hungry gossip mongers with little or no sense of shame or common decency. But we’re keeping the good weather, lady! Ha! In your face. Oh wait, doesn’t she have a house in Hawaii? Dammit. There went my plan to spite her.

Enjoy these pictures of her muscular body in a bathing suit as she poses for GQ magazine. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any body fat, so don’t bother looking for it.

More photos from Cameron Diaz’s UK GQ photo shoot are after the jump.

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