Cameron Diaz Spotted With Portia De Rossi, To Launch Health And Wellness Guide [PHOTOS]

Cameron Diaz
The presenter in Gucci at the Oscars last night.
Cameron Diaz (carrying a Reed Krakoff gym bag) and Portia de Rossi left the Salon Benjamin in West Hollywood yesterday (August 9th), and Diaz tried her hardest to hide behind a drink.  Knowing that it was a losing battle, Diaz relented and let the photogs get their shot.

Could Cameron Diaz be  appearing in a few episodes of Arrested Development’s upcoming fifth season? Time will tell on that rumor, but she definitely has a book in the works.  According to the Huffington Post, HarperCollins announced on Wednesday that Diaz will come out with a health and wellness guide, due out in the fall of 2013. 

In a move that Diaz hopes will “engage and empower” the female folk, Diaz’s book will dole out advice to young women about health, fitness, nutrition and overall well-being.

Tell us, will you read Diaz’s book?