Cameron Diaz Makes Out With Taylor Kinney

Taylor Kinney Shirtless
Taylor Kinney's hottest photos.
Damn, girl. Cameron Diaz is one lucky lady!

Cameron and Taylor Kinney were spotted sharing a passionate kiss on the set of The Other Woman in NYC. Cameron and co star Leslie Mann walked out of a Midtown office building and were met by Kinney on the sidewalk.

Diaz ran into his arms and shared a loving kiss with him. She was also spotted with her animal co-star, a Great Dane. I wonder what Taylor’s girlfriend Lady Gaga will think of this scene. 

The comedy is directed by Nick Cassavetes, and is due in theaters on April 25, 2014. The film tells the story of a woman realizing she is not her boyfriend’s primary lover. After teaming up with the philanderer’s wife, the spurned duo plot mutual revenge.

Click through all the pics in the gallery to see Cameron puckering up for Taylor.

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