Cameron Diaz & Leslie Mann Fight & Laugh On The Set Of ‘The Other Woman’

Kate Upton's Legs
The model showed off her gams for 'The Other Woman'
Well, on set at least. Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann really let each other have it on the set of The Other Woman.

The Other Woman follows the story of a woman, played by Cameron, who finds that her super hot boyfriend is not only married to Leslie, but also has a bunch of other ladies. Therefore they’ve all gotta team up and make him pay. Woot!

No idea what Leslie and Cameron are fighting about in these scenes, but it seems super exciting. I’m also really amused by the height difference they’ve got going on. 

This movie is already promising to be really amusing. Plus, it’s the big screen debut of Kate Upton! And we know how much everyone loves her. And if you need anymore of an incentive to get excited about it, how about Jamie Lannister, also know by  his real name Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, playing the dastardly cheater? Love it!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Leslie and Cameron enjoying a heated on screen argument. I love how one minute they’re laughing and having a lovely time, and the next screaming. Oh acting, you so much fun.