Cameron Diaz Is A Buff Babe

Cameron Diaz was spotted out with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez leaving the gym and I’ll be damned if she wasn’t showing off her buff-ass arms. Who does she think she is? Madonna?

As Cam’s trainer Teddy Bass tells Now Magazine, the star is happy to be rid of her curvier figure and does so by a combo of pilates, weight training and flexibility work.

“I keep her workout as high-paced as possible, so it generally has a cardio element,” says Teddy. “If you do cardio work four or five times a week, you’ll see changes in a very short space of time.”

Teddy reveals that Cam also sticks to an easy-to-follow meal plan. “Her diet is an upside down one where you have your carbs at the beginning of the day then taper off, so in the evening you
 just eat protein and vegetables,” 
he says.