Camera-Shy Julia Roberts Enjoys School Party With Her Kids

May 18th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Very protective of her family’s privacy, Julia Roberts must not have seen the paparazzi perched just outside her childrens’ school in Malibu the other day who snapped these shots of festivities.

The family attended a party there the other day and the actress was flashing her trademark smile with ease with husband Danny Moder also helping herd the kiddos around.

At least this time, the paps weren’t nearly as intrusive as they’ve been in the past.

Gallery Info: Julia Roberts and husband Danny Moder at a school in Malibu.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Anne Arkham

    Fat. She looks fat.

  2. Just Me

    So what? You people are parasites. Get an honest job.

  3. Maleeboo

    And I thought there were parameters that everyone agreed to defining that photographs of kids/parents on school grounds were NOT ALLOWED…
    who am I to expect photographers to understand simple things like that?

  4. DonnaInMichigan

    The pic at the top, looks like Julia has a purple dog leash attached to Danny!

  5. DonnaInMichigan

    Also, she looks like she is pregnant.

  6. JessicaGiovanna

    She dresses like dog doodoo. She’s a homewrecking ho. I don’t know why ppl don’t bring her up and only bash on Angelina. Tori Spelling wrecked a home as well. I’m not saying the men are saints, but come on ladies, if he’s married, stay away period! A man will say whatever to get in ur pants.

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