Cam Gigandet Is Not Playing Another Vampire In ‘Priest’

Twilight’s first villian, Cam Gigandet, talked to MTV on Friday at Comic-Con about his new movie, Priest, and set the record straight that he isn’t playing another vampire in his upcoming film.  Priest, co-starring, Scott Charles Stewart, Maggie Q, Paul Bettany, Karl Urban, and True Blood’s Stephen MoyerPriest is about Gigandet’s sheriff character’s girlfriend being kidnapped by vampires, he enlists Bettany’s priests’ to rescue her.

Gigandet says there are hardly any similarities between Twilight and Priest, “It’s very, very different from ‘Twilight,’ ” he said. “The
similarities kind of end with what they’re called, which is vampires.”

Lately, all the news I’ve been hearing about Cam Gigandet is about his yawn worthy movie with Christina Aguilera, Burlesque, and tons of pictures of him with his baby girl. But this post-apocalyptic vampire western, seems like it will top all of the projects he has in store, especially since he has vampire Bill by his side!